Do North Coworking Looks to the Future

Do North CoworkingLYNDONVILLE- The Do North coworking space on the second floor of the former Bag Balm factory in Lyndonville recently hit four months since its opening, and according to its head, the space has been a great success.

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Economic Growth Through Arts and Entertainment

BEATLyndonville-The abundance of outdoor activities and scenic views in the NEK creates regular traffic through Lyndon Center. Entertaining those travelling through has been increasingly difficult in recent years as technological advancements have made the usage of high speed internet a neccesity to any business big or small. 

The initiative to boost economic growth in Lyndon Center came in 2017, after a visit from The Vermont Council on Rural Development. The visit was apart of their community visit process, spanning over three months. Public forums were held, bringing the community together to adress their assets, the challenges they face, and their ideas for action.

Through these public forums the community created four sub committees, staffed with like-minded individuals who are serious about bettering their communities. The committees formed dealt with the economic development of Lyndonville, the pursuit of a recreation department, and the revitilization of the downtown area. Of the four committees, two have stood out and made serious progress in their efforts.

The Economic Development Committee with Evan Carlson as chairperson, has taken advantage of the retail vacancies in town by testing business ideas. Last May the group hosted a two night event to promote the idea of a new bar and eatery in town and saw great success.

The committee recently applied for and received a grant from the US Department of Agriculture as well. The application concluded that it would be spending the money from the grant in three seperate areas; technichal assistance for village center businesses, public WIFI to support tourism, and the funding of a rural broadband initiative.

The money spent for technichal assistance in the village center was distributed so that these businesses could create websites, marketing strategies, and advertising. Public and open WIFI for Lyndon Center is almost complete, its range would stretch from the Do North Co-Working Space in front of Cumberland Farms to Bandstand Park. The largest chunk of the grant is most important to Lyndonville and the surrounding comunities. The rural broadband initiative is an attempt to serve the large population of residents in the NEK who are without high speed internet.

"If we want to attract new young families to this area," says Carlson, "We need to provide the basic infrastructure to allow them to be able to be here and be successful."

Not only do bussiness rely on high speed internet but people working remotely from home are at a disadvantage as well.

Annual Scripps Spelling Bee State Competition

Lyndon Educaiton ThumbnailLYNDON- On tuesday, Some of vermonts top youth spellers competed in the annual Scripps Spelling Bee State Competition held at saint michael's college's. Now in its 92nd year, the spelling bee continues to promote literacy and appreciation for the English language.


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Residents Parade Depot St With Lights

Lantern WalkLYNDON -  It was a parade of singing, laughing, coming together and lighting up the night for the first day of spring. Weeks after creating varies lanterns of size, shape and design,

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$2.75 million dollar Lyndonville water bond passes


LYNDONVILLE -  Residents in the village of Lyndon passed the $2.75 million dollar bond for upgrades to the Vail Transmission Water Main. The vote passed thirteen to three, which allowed the project to progress to the next step.

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Voter Turnout for Village Voting Day - Lyndonville 2019

Voter TurnoutLYNDONVILLE- Traffic at the polls this moring was not too heavy for village meeting day in Lyndonville. Doors opened at 10am and along with elections for some of the town offices, a proposed $2.75 million dollar bond vote also sits on the ballot.


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Lyndon Select Board Fills Two Positions

use thisLYNDON – The Lyndon select board gathered Monday evening at the municipal building in Lyndonville. Much of what was gone over was appointing two people to positions in the municipal service. Selectman as well as town administrator Justin Smith sat down with Ken Mason and Sarah Cusino to discuss their qualifications and intentions in serving as representatives for the planning commission and Lyndon Rescue.

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Lyndon Select Board Fills Two Positions (2)

use thisLYNDON – The Lyndon select board gathered Monday evening at the municipal building in Lyndonville. Much of what was gone over was appointing two people to positions in the municipal service. Selectman as well as town administrator Justin Smith sat down with Ken Mason and Sarah Cusino to discuss their qualifications and intentions in serving as representatives for the planning commission and Lyndon Rescue.

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Cobleigh Library Deliveries

cobleigh Lyndon- The Cobleigh Public Library in Lyndonville has been serving the community for over one hundred years. In recent history they have found a new way to meet the needs of the community and help those who can't make it to the library by themselves.

Cobleigh's "Bookmobile" has been delivering books to households for over thirty years. Running soley off gifts, grants, and donations, the "Bookmobile" makes it's rounds every two weeks, and recipiants of the service can even request suggestions from the library. 


NVU - Lyndon Protest Climate Change

newslinteachoutLYNDON- Across the Global in over 112 countries, students are skipping class to stand up for their future. The big push comes from a 16 yr. old young women in Sweden, who has been skipping school to set up camp in front  of parliament to protest climate change. she thinks that lawmakers are failing to uphold their commitments to fight climate change as agreed to under the Paris climate accord.

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12th Annual March for Meals

March for Meals LYNDONVILLE- The Darling Inn Meal Site in Lyndonville held its twelfth annual March for Meals lunch earlier today. These meals are provided for the community to be able to get together to enjoy free meals together.

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Parker Landfill Undergoes EPA Review

Parker LandfillLYNDONVILLE - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is reviewing the cleanup progress at six Superfund sites in Vermont, including the Parker Sanitary Landfill in Lyndonville.

The landfill, located on Lily Pond Road, was in use from 1972 to 1992. In 1984, toxic contaminants were found in the soil and groundwater at the site and in nearby residential wells. Under EPA guidance, a cap was installed over the landfill to prevent further soil contamination, and groundwater was redirected to allow water quality in the surrounding area to recover. Private wells near the site were closed, with residences connected to the town water supply.

The cleanup progress is being examined as part of a required-by-law five-year review, according to Dan Keefe, EPA's Superfund Section Chief for the region.

"At many of our Superfund sites we control the risk, but the risks themselves have not been completely eliminated. And when you have situations where you have contaminants contained on site, there is a requirement of EPA in the Superfund statute that we go back every five years, and we look to make sure the remedy as it was constructed is still protective, and meets the objectives of protecting human health and the environment," Keefe said.

The review, the fourth for the Parker site since it became part of the Superfund program, involves a site inspection as well as an examination of tests and reports from the last five years. Past reviews have brought to light important changes, notes Leslie McVickar, EPA Remedial Project Manager.

"The third one showed inconsistencies with where the groundwater plume was moving. It was starting to move in another direction, which was just inconsistent with what we knew. So one of the recommendations was: groundwater conditions have changed and therefore we need to figure this out," said McVickar.

Keefe added that the review is also an opportunity to make sure the site's protections are up to code against any new contaminants that may have been discovered or regulated in the time since the cap was first installed.
The Parker review is expected to be complete and published by early fall this year. The other Vermont sites currently under review are the Bennington Municipal Sanitary Landfill, the BFI Sanitary Landfill in Rockingham, the Elizabeth Mine in Strafford, and the Pownal Tannery in Pownal. There are a total of 27 sites being reviewed this year in New England.


Early Childcare Legislature Day

LYNDONVILLE - Wednesday was the twenty-fifth annual Early Childcare Legislature Day in Vermont. Parents and teachers around the Northeast Kingdom made the trip to Montpelier to take part in the event that took place at the Capitol Park Plaza. The agenda mainly focused on celebrating the past, present and future of childcare in Vermont.

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Dog Licenses Due in Lyndonville

millieLYNDONVILLE-The final date for dog licenses is due next month....all dogs over the age of six months are required by state law to be registered within their town.The town of Lyndonville will be hosting a clinic on march 30th at the municipal building to help owners register their dogs as well as get rabies vaccinations for any dog who needs it. Town Manager Justin Smith says, "we will have a clerk on staff to license your dog on March 30th."

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Local Residents Get Ready To Light UP The Night

            Lantern Workshop  Lyndon- Lyndon residents partcipated in the making of lanterns as they sung a song and expressed their creative side in preparation of Lyndon's second annual lantern walk on March 20th. 

                        Kim Credy- Smith is a member of the Lyndon Revitalization task force, a task force aimed at bring the community closer together through the arts. The lantern walk this year is named "Lighten up,it's spring!" The name was chosen for the event because not only do the orginizers want people to come together, but they also want people to celebrate the coming of spring.

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LI Annual Ski-A-Thon

SKI-A-THONLYNDONVILLE- A chilly night of skiing was in store, around the Bob Heath track at Lyndon Institute. Besides an occasional warm up inside or out by the fire in the middle of the track, skiers on LI’s Nordic Ski Team can finally toss in the towel, as their season is officially done. Not only is the annual Ski-A-Thon the final event the team participates in, it also is a great way to fundraise for the team, which enables them to do things like compete in races, or purchase nice gear for them to use during the season. 

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Lyndon Town Meeting Results

unnamedLYNDON - Lyndon held their annual town meeting yesterday to approve the towns budgets and appropriations as well as elect town officials.

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Lyndon Sees Large Budget Increase

Lyndon Town Meeting Day Preview LYNDON- As town meeting day is approaching the town of Lyndon is gearing up for a larger increase in their budget for the 2019 vote. The Lyndon select board say that this has been the highest increase in many years.


After a long process of figuring out how to decrease the budget the select board came in with a total of an eight cent increase in the total budget. With that includes many repairs that are much needed to be done. The select board felt that it was a lot for citizens to have to pay, but they said it was well needed. The budget will approximately be a 177,000 dollar increase not including the special appropriations. One of the appropriations that won't be on the vote this year is the Lyndon softball and baseball teams as they didn't get their appropriations in on time.

Chair of the select board Kermit Fisher said, "Well I don't like it but, for a lot of reasons a lot of it had to do with insurance we have to replace a roof on one of our buildings it was a lot of other things we need to catch up some of the employees wages are at a competitive level so it was a number of things, but it is fairly substantial increase for the first time in quite a few years."

Select board member Dan Daley who is also a resident of Lyndon wasn't a fan of the increase as well.

"We were less than one cent and I think the town general fund was around a penny or two, yeah so this a year that we got hit pretty hard for yeah it's been a long time since we have seen this much of an increase," said Daley.

The select board hopes to see an increase of voters this year. 

Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Daycare Earns Fourth Star

KINGDOM PRESCHOOL LYNDONVILLE- The Northeast Kingdom Preschool and Child Care Center has recently received it's fourth star through the Steps Ahead Recognition Program. This program, recognizes preschools and child cares in the state of Vermont that go above and beyond state regulations to provide service for parents and children that is needed to help improve children's learning.
Both childcare director Rachel Bickford and employee and grant coordinator Jessica Poginy are both happy to see that the childcare center has had lots of success since their opening two years ago.

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Big Ticket Items Await H.O.P.E Gala

edleman footballLYNDONVILLE- H.O.P.E is preparing for their 5th annual "Warm Your Heart Gala" and silent auction.  This event is a major fundraiser to help provide for the backpack program which provides 80 children in local schools food every week to bring home.

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Declining Gas Prices Continue

gas prices finalLYNDON - The Northeast Kingdom has gas prices as high as $4.00 or higher in some areas just a little over a year ago, now gas prices have fallen to as little as $2.36 a gallon. The drop in prices has been attributed to multiple causes, the biggest of which being breaks on gasoline taxation by the Federal Government, as well as increased business with gas stations within the area.

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Heating in the Winter

heatingoilLYNDONVILLE- Since the winter season has arrived and the cold temperatures are hitting the Northeast Kingdom, it means heating and oil businesses are seeing thier busiest time of the year. Tyler Hebert Owner of Hebert & Sons says, "Well definitley as the weather changes, people start relying on fuels to heat thir houses with. Which is a pretty important issue here in Vermont when it gets to 20 below zero."

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Lyndon Rescue's Budget is Going Up

lyndon rescue ambulanceLYNDON - Lyndon Rescue has been the ambulatory service to the town of Lyndon and the surrounding area since the 1980's and in that time they have done an exemplary job of taking care of local residents, growing as an entity, and becoming one of the more notable and proffessional ambulance services in Vermont. One common occurance over the past five years has been a yearly increase in the Lyndon Rescue Budget. This year they ask for a 9.9% budget increase.

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North Pole Express Returns to Lyndonville

North Pole ExpressLYNDONVILLE- The North Pole Express arrived in Lyndonville this past weekend for its annual train rides, offering the community magical events to kick off the holiday season. Not only does the train bring people to the North Pole, but it also shows them fun things along the way, including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves, and hobos. Throughout the ride, passengers can enjoy cookies and hot chocolate while ringing bells and singing Christmas carols.

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H.O.P.E Seeks Public's Help for Grant

hope1LYNDONVILLE- The non-profit H.O.P.E have applied for a grant through the we care 2 organization, a Vermont organization that focuses on non-profits who help the communities with food, shelter, electricity, etc. And they need the publics help in order to qualify for the grant. in order to receive the grant, they need the public to send in comments and impact statements on howH.O.P.E has helped their families and the community.

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