Lyndonville Fire Dept. To Buy New Gear

LYNDON - Residents of Lyndon voted to approve a $2,711,338 General Fund for the town yesterday, which included a $232,767 for the Lyndonville Fire Department. This is an 8% increase from the previous year and includes new, lighter-weight gear.

Chief Jeff Corrow says that the 37 volunteers at the station respond to more car crashes and other incidents than they do fires. With nothing else to wear, the firefighters always arrive dressed in their structural fire gear, increasing the wear and tear on the equipment. Each set costs $3,500 to replace over time.

Chief Corrow is also concerned with how heavy the equipment is and how much it can weigh on the volunteers. "One of the leading causes of injuries in our profession as firefighters is firefighter fatigue, and I want to try to get rid of that issue for us," he said.

To eliminate the risk of this fatigue and save money in the long run, the department is hoping to spend some of this year's budget on ten sets of new, lighter-weight uniforms. These new uniforms would be made out of a forest fire and rescue certified material and cost significantly less at $900 per set. With options on what to wear when responding to calls, Chief Corrow also hopes that this will lessen the wear and tear damage of the department's more expensive equipment.