Impeachment Transcripts Released

donald trump APnov6thWashington D.C.- According to CBS, Democrats have released two transcripts from a former U. S. Special Envoy and a U. S. Ambassador. 

The transcripts released show the testimony of Kurt Volker and Gordon Sondland. These hearings were done in response to documents released by a U. S. whistleblower that claim President Trump asked for President Zelensky of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations into the Bidens, and other reports that allege Ukraine officials interfered in the 2016 U.S. elections.

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Trump in China

trump in china 

CHINA- After China's President Xi Jinping first visited in America this April, he invited President Trump come to China. President Trump arrived in Beijing at 1:40AM 8th Novmber, East Time. He is going to start his first state visit to China for three days.

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Kissing Bug

USA- A new insect is slowly being found in more places throughout the world. It has record of being found in Argentina and has made its way to the United States.

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Clinton In New Hampshire

SPECIAL COVERAGE-- On Thursday evening in Littleton, over 200 hundred people gathered as Hillary Clinton spoke to about her vision for a vibrant rural America during her rural economic round table. Clinton told residents that if elected, one of her main goals is to help the rural areas because "communities like this [Littleton] built America."

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US Postal Service Hacked

uspsWASHINGTON- Yet another data breach, this one involving the US Postal Service, was reported today. The data breach is reported to have effected primarily employee information.

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Papal Conclave Decides

papalconclavebeginsVATICAN CITY - Catholic cardinals from around the world gathered to choose the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina has been chosen as the church's newest leader.

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Romney's Son Will Visit New Hampshire

taggromneyLITTLETON - As Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan's campaign continues, the Romney family is helping them cover the trail and meeting potential voters along the way. The Republican candidates son, Tagg Romney, will be in New Hampshire today to meet and greet with supporters and volunteers. 

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People of Barnet on Article 22

Barnet-  The people of Barnet went up the hill to fire staionb to cast their ballot this year.

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Sanders Suspends Campaign

VERMONT- Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign earlier today. He released a message to his supporters at 11:45am to address his reasons as to why he did.

What this means is that Sanders will remain on the primary ballot, however will no longer spend time hosting rallies, etc.

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Donald Trump For Presidency

voteThe reaction to Donald Trump's presidency win has gotten everybody wondering what the future holds. While the talk of the American election has had the whole world tuned in for months. Everybody seems to have an opinion about the newly outcome of the presidential elections.

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Intense Race Ends

zmNBURLINGTON - Vermont's Lieutenant Governor race was heated last night. The race was between between Democrat David Zuckerman and Republican Randy Brock, with Zuckerman coming out on top.  

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5 Candidates, 2 Seats

electionnumbertwoFive potential candidates are fighting for two opens spots to represent the third district of caledonia county. 


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Lyndonville Voter Turnout

votingLYNDON - Eager residents of Lyndonville were filing into the Municipal Building early this morning as voting for this years elections began.

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Get to Know Wardinski

bootsNEWBURY - The race for Lieutenant Governor is lined with three candidates this season; Republican Randy Brock, Progressive Democrat David Zuckerman, and Independent Boots Wardinski.

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Alcohol Ban on the Ballot

DRY MONROENEW HAMPSHIRE - For the first time in 16 years residents of Monroe, NH will vote on a ban that's been in place since the late 80s.

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Town Clerks Talk Early Voting

jessAROUND THE NEK - Towns around the Northeast Kingdom are doing the legwork before November 8 and early voting is part of the process to prepare for Election Day.


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A Look at Patrick Seymour

Patrick SeymourAROUND THE NEK - The Caledonia District 4 seat is up for election, and Patrick Seymour is the youngest candidate in the running.

The 19-year-old business student, farmer, and firefighter resides in Sutton. He is running as a moderate democrat to represent his hometown, as well at Lyndon and Burke, in the statehouse.


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Getting to Know Philip Aldridge

philipAROUND THE NEK- Election Day is only one week away, and candidates are doing their best to continue to gain supporters before they head to the polls.

Philip Aldridge is an independant candidate seeking election for one of two seats for the Caledonia County, District 3 State Representative.

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Scott Milne in Saint Johnsbury

Scott MilneSaint Johnsbury — Candidate for United States Senator Scott Milne visited the Kingdom Taproom in Saint Johnsbury to speak about his campaign. Milne was able to talk directly to community members about the issues he sees inside Washington.

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Debate Night In Lunenburg


ConnievsedLUNENBURG -  The race between two candidates for State Representative for Essex-Caledonia County is well on its way. With election day coming up soon on November eighth, the two candidates decided to have a one on one debate regarding the current issues facing their district.

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Meet Marcia Martel

Marcia MartelAROUND THE NEK - If you have been to the Waterford dump recently, you may have ran into Caledonia-1’s Republican Representative Marcia Martel.

“My favorite place to go is the dump on a Saturday morning.” Says Martel. “You see everybody, they welcome you there, and people come up and ask you questions.”

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Colchester Candidate

Colchester CandidateVERMONT - Two candidates are running for United States Representative in Vermont and faced off in a Vermont PBS Debate on Thursday night in Colchester.

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Meet the VT Gubernatorial Candidates

jessbeatAROUND THE NEK -  Vermont will vote for their future governor on November 8. The candidates running for the major parties are Republican Phil Scott and Democrat Sue Minter, but what do each of these candidates stand for and why do they want to be your governor?

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Candidate Forum Bring People to St. J

stjforumSt. Johnsbury- With statewide elections right around the corner, the town of St. Johnsbury held a forum for candidates.  Locals made their way to the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum to meet the candidates running for the Vermont House of Representatives.

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A Closer Look at Jane Kitchel

Jane Kitchel

AROUND THE NEK- You may know Jane Kitchel as one of Caledonia district’s senators, however, there’s much more to this legislator then what meets the eye.

Kitchel, 71 years old, has not allowed her life to slow down one bit. Throughout her six terms as Senator, Kitchel, has adopted serving to nine senate committees.

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