Concord Select Board Meeting


No More Open Burning in Concord

CONCORD- Open burning in the town of Concord is no longer being permitted. Effective April 6th no fire permits will be issued as well as no open burning being allowed due to Covid-19. 

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Mooselook Restaurant Raises Money to Reopen

MooselookCONCORD- A group of former employees and patrons are trying to raise money to reopen the Mooselook Restaurant in Concord. The eatery was closed by the state tax department late last month over late tax payments.

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Empty Bowl Dinner Ready to Serve

stirCONCORD- Tonight students at the Concord School will be hosting a national wide event, the Empty Bowl Dinner. This dinner is a way to help spread awareness on hunger in our country. Parents and community members will get a choice of seven different soups and have the opportunity to bring home a handmade pottery bowl.

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Update on Body Found in Concord

vsp search warrentCONCORD- The body of a male who was found in Concord on Sunday has been identified as Michael Pimental, 37 of Waterford. Today, Vermont State Police conducted a search warrant at his home at 2394 Duck Road.

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Concord Approves it All

concCONCORD - Another Town Meeting Day has come and gone for Concord. Overall, residents showed support for the 18 articles up for vote, as each appropriation was approved. Voters have agreed to raise a total of $787,053 dollars in taxes for all of the general expenses of the town.

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Concord: Quiet Today, Loud in April

concordCONCORD - For the first time in many years, Concord residents are not voting on a school budget on Town Meeting Day. Now that Concord has joined the Kingdom East District, residents from all eight unified towns will vote on their newly designed school budget on April 10th.

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Concord Prepares for Town Meeting Day

concordCONCORD - On town meeting day, residents of Concord will be seeing a two percent increase in this year's town budget, resulting in a total of $787,053 dollars. This is a change that the select-board chairman, George Morehouse, credits to standard operating costs. 

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Concord School Ice Rink


CONCORD -The Concord School now has an ice rink open to the public for all to use. The rink was built on top on the current tennis court about a month ago, and is will be open for the winter months. Physical Education and Athletic Director, Brandon Davis, thought it would be a great way to get the kids active during the winter time. The project was a collaboration between the Concord School, The Concord Fire department, and a few parents.

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Concord School Farm to School

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 3CONCORD-The Concord School has received a fifteen-thousand dollar grant through the Farm to School program. Concord School was one of the 15 schools in Vermont that had received this grant. Sid's Pantry is located at the school and has also donated ten-thousand dollars for the program as well. The students learn how to do these everyday essentials in a specific room by the Sid's Pantry. 

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Empty Bowls, Full Hearts

emptybowlCONCORD - The students at the Concord School are learning some valuable life lessons as they prepare for their Empty Bowl Dinner that is set to take place on Thursday, February 15th.

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Calex Concerns Still Loom

Concord Selectboard Meeting Black BordersCONCORD- One of the main concerns at the Concord select board meeting Tuesday night was the Calex ambulance services. Instead of the select board voting on whether or not the town needs the service, they're leaving it up to the voters of Concord. 

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Fresh Food for Concord School

concord schoolCONCORD— The Farm to School program has been around in the Green Mountain State since 2007.

The program is designed to educate students about food systems and healthy eating habits through hands on experiences.

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New Playground at Concord School

playgroundCONCORD - The Concord elementary school has just recently received a new playground, and teachers and kids are feeling both excited and fortunate.


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Teaching Climate Change to Children

concordschool CONCORD- Lyndon State College’s Climate Change Communication group visited the Concord School earlier this week to educate students on global warming and how it is impacting the climate.

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Fire Rips Through P&S Furniture

concord fireCONCORD- Route 2 is back open after a massive fire tore through the P&S Furniture. According to officials, no injuries were reported.

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Concord Town Clerk Resigning

ConcordClerkCONCORD: For the last 19 years the town of Concord has had the same town clerk, but this year that will be changing. Donna Berry has held this position but now she will be stepping down.

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Concord Historical Society Celebration

Concord Historical Society CelebrationCONCORD - Ask anyone in the Concord Historical Society what they were up to this past weekend, and they might respond, “It’s a Log Story.” Saturday, over two hundred residents gathered at the town museum to celebrate Concord’s 100th anniversary at the Annual Fall Open House, “It’s a Log Story”.

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Finding A New Home

A New HomeCONCORD-- With just a few weeks left of the school year, Concord high school students must decide on which school they will move on to. And at one meeting, students were able to shop around and learn all about different schools.

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Concord School Budget Passes

Concord Budget ResultsCONCORD-- After all the bad news coming from the Concord school, students, parents, administrative staff, and superintendent Brian Rayburn now have at least one thing that they be delighted about.

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Concord Budget Up In The Air

concord budgetCONCORD - The Concord School Board had an informational meeting last night regarding their budget. With the recent closing of the high school, the estimated tuition cost of each student is roughly $16,000.

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Finally A Budget

concord budgetCONCORD-- After months of going back and forth and the high school finally being closed, Concord schoolboard now has a budget for the town to vote on. The budget was agreed upon Wednesday night in a closed door meeting.


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The End of an Era

Concord school closing2CONCORD - After 15 years of going back and forth to the polls, there is a new result in the Concord High School debate about whether to keep the school open or to close it down.  The most recent decision is leaving a lot of students and parents upset. 

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Steps Closer To Concords Fate

concord schoolCONCORD-- With just one day left residents of Concord are just waiting to see what will happen to the only high school in their town. 

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The Students Turn To Speak

concord school studentsCONCORD-- For years now the Concord School has been under discussion for closure, both parents and citizens of Concord have voiced their opinions. But the people that the closing of the school would really impact are the students.

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