Bandstand Park Farmers Market

LYNDONVILLE-Enjoy fresh produce, home made bread, freshly chopped wood, all natural soaps and body scrubs, along with your made at home fesh jellys and jams? Then you must visit Lyndonvilles Bandstand Park for the towns Friday Farmers Market.

The Farmers Market in Downtown Lyndonville is a weekly event that starts in the month of May through October from three to six. The market has been operating consistently for 10 years every Fall and Summer. It does not only sell fresh produce, it sells various types of things ranging from fresh vegetables and fruits, quality meats, eggs, artisan breads, baked goods, ethnic foods, herbs, plants, flowers, arts and crafts, and maple syrup. About 15 vendors attend the farmers market in hopes that people buy their products, every business that attends the market is locally owned by someone who lives in the NEK.  

Cara Mativier is one of the many vendors at the farmers market and she says that the Lyndonville Farmers Market is one of the better markets she has been a part of. She's vendors at other markets in the past, the one she previously vendors at was an online market. The market being all online made things very difficult when it comes to sales. She has been at the Lyndon market since its season started, and it's a great way for her to promote her family's business. The fact that she is able to talk to people in person makes it feel more personal for her, and produces much more success. 

"A lot of people come to the Lyndonville market actually, it's got a good flow and popularity I think within the town. There's a lot of local support which is awesome. I used to sell with another market, their season ended. But they were all online, which made sale really difficult. So the fact that this is in person even though you know, we have all these new guidelines, it's still really great because we still get to interact with the community." 

Phoebe Weisenfeld is another Vendor that has been at the market, representing Joes Brooke Farm. She does not own the farm but she has worked there for nine years. Joes Brooke Farm is a regular vendor at the market each year, many people in the community know that the farm is always at the market. The Farm produces organic vegetables with over ten anchors of land. Weisenfeld says that the market is a great way to get their product out to the community. 

"We're growing organic vegetables for the community, this area, surrounding areas, and this is a really great way for us to access the community and kind of interact with our customers and also get our product out there. It's a very well established market and so people know we are here. It's here every week, three to six, and so it's kind of a place where people can get not only vegetables but also everything else that might be on their list."

For more information on the Lyndonville Farmers Market you may visit their website, it's still not too late to visit the farmers market. Go down the market on Friday's to support our local Vermont businesses.