Lyndon Receives Money For Downtown Revitalization

LYNDON - This week Governor Scott along with the Agency of Transportation, and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, announced that $262,500 Will be going to Lyndon, Bethel, and Poultney to help make their communities more livable and walkable. This money has been rewarded to these towns through the better connections grant program, Which works together to help communities build more livable and workable communities.

Scott says, "Vermont's downtowns and village centers are economic drivers and enhance Vermont's quality of life, as well as our brand." Scott believes that investments like this will help support projects that rebuild local economies and strengthen transportation across the state.

 The town of Lyndon will use these funds to develop a master plan to improve the safety, walkability, and vibrance of its historic downtown. Bethel will use the money to upgrade accessibility and safety in the town. And Poultney will use the money to connect its downtown to its recreational centers.

Housing and Community Development Commissioner Josh Hanford says, "This program's focus on community engagement empowers local leaders to plan transportation investments that are more equitable to all users, improve public heath, revitalize communities, and clean our waters." The Scott administrations believes projects like this are a step in the right direction to improve local economies across the state.