Changes at Lyndon Institute

LYNDON - Lyndon Institute has dicided to restructure their daily operations for the coming year. These changes include less dorm parents and moving big positions into smaller positions. Assistant head of advancement, Mike Lowe says it's due to the amount of students that they expect to be enrolled in the coming year.

"There was a time to long ago where LI had 650 students. I believe our number next year will be somewhere around 415 to 420. So obviously when you have 200 less students, you don't need the same amount of staff," Lowe said.

This year, about 140 students are graduating. A number of dorm parents were laid off and students will now live in the 2 small dorms on campus which don't require that many staff members to run. If dorm parents wish to remain on campus, then they still have that option.

"Just like any other bording school they would pay the rent that was associated for that space," Bowe said.
These changes will take place starting July 1st.