Dog Fatally Shot in Lyndonville

LYNDONVILLE - A dog was shot in their face, and fatally died Thursday night in Lyndonville. The Lyndonville Police Department is looking to further this case to determine who committed this crime.

Thursday night at appoximately 5pm, a dog returned to 750 Little Egypt Road with gunshot wounds to his face. A couple hours later- the dog succumed to his injuries and died. Most neighbors report hearing gunshots between 5-6 pm. At this point in the investigation is starting, and there are no further details on who actually committed this act. Anyone who might have seen this dog leave this neighborhood at this time, or has any information on who, and why the dog was shot-should contact the Lyndonville Police Department at 802-626-1271. 

"I would say this is an inredible distrubing event. We are at the begininng stages of investigation, so we do not know why the dog was shot. If the dog was menacing or agressive, the fact that the person did not come forward is concerning as that makes it criminal (failing to report). If the dog did show threatening or menacing behaviors, that makes it even more concerning as what would cause a person to commit such a sickening act," stated Chief Jack Harris.

People are urged to contact the Lyndonville PD with any leads.