We Ski To Raise Money

LYNDONVILLE-Lyndon Institutes Ski teams just finished their season, closing their season with a Ski-A-Thon. Although many students agree that this year was different due to covid, they are glad they got to spend time with their teammates to ski around the track.

This yearly event for the ski team has been a long standing tradition for 20 years. The event was originally held in Bandstand Park, going all night long, students skiing until the next morning. This year doing things a little differently, the students skiing from 10 in the morning until 10 at night. "This lets us raise money for organizations like Hope and the Lyndon Food Shelf. We also raise money to buy team jackets, team vests, or hats. As well as equipment too," explains Coach, Chris Manges.

The teams take turns on the snow, going one team at a time for an hour. "This year because of covid we were really lucky to be able to have the event. Usually we spend the night in the student center, but we felt that was going to be harder to manage with the kids," Manges said. The teams get a lot of support from families, community members, as well as teachers. Some will give donations to the team, some stop by to watch, and parents bring food for the kids.

Usually the team welcomes the community to join the ski-a-thon, with a fire and s'mores. "This year what we were trying to do is welcome people, but please maintain social distancing. Keep a mask on, we have some contact sheets for signing in. Trying to keep people from coming all at once, and space people out throughout the day," Manges explains.

"What's really great about it, and the school really supports, is that the kids are doing it themselves. They're saying, hey we're skiing to raise our own money. They are probably in the best shape now then they have been all season. They have a lot of fun doing it, and it's very rewarding for them too," Manges said.

Many students agree this event is a great bonding experience. "It really helps bring us together, especially during covid. It's nice to be able to have this event to bring together our school and the community," 9th grader Una Colby explained. Colby shares that she is a freshman, so going to school during covid hasn't been the easiest.

Senior, Holden Middleton has been skiing on the team since he was in eighth grade. Despite the slushy conditions on the track he says it's nice to spend time with the team. "Well of course it's a lot of skiing, we are a pretty close team. As you can see by the random groups of people, it's kind of like a family."