Laying Down Winter's Foundation

plowtruckLYNDON - Drivers it is now December, in just a few days snow will be falling, that means the roads are bound to get covered a with black ice. If you're driving you may want to be extra careful. Cars are recomended to have snow tires equipped on there wheels.

Benning Balancing Jobs

benningLYNDON - If you have ever had two jobs, you know that balancing life and work can be difficult at times. This is a reality for Senator Joe Benning as he balances being both a lawyer and a politician. “It’s not an easy task,” Benning said. “Luckily I have thirty years worth of brownie points with the court clerks and they’ve been really good at accommodating my schedule.”

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A Piece Of History

TankLYNDONVILLE - The Tank that sits outside of the Lyndonville National Guard Armory is not only a decorative piece, it's also a symbol of what used to be. The Armory wasn't always what is today; it used to serve as something different than an infantry unit with a focus on mountain warfare. About 20 years ago, the armory transitioned into an infantry unit, which is when they stopped keeping and using tanks. However, the Unit kept and still use a number of wheeled military vehicles.

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Developments at Fenton Chester Arena

fenton chesterLYNDONVILLE - Fenton Chester Arena has undergone a management change that will last for the next five years. 

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Lyndon Institute Professor Awarded

TimulrichLYNDON - For students that attend Lyndon State College, and Lyndon Institute, its all about obtaining a higher education. For one educator, its all about getting the full potential out of his students and building a solid foundation to be successful in their future endeavors.

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LSC Veterans Receive New Memorial


WALLLYNDONVILLE - About one hundred people gathered at Veterans Park last Friday for the annual Veteran's Day Ceremony at Lyndon State College. Military members and family members of those who served attended the event along with LSC students and faculty. 

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Computer Class at Cobleigh

COMPUTER CLASSLYNDON - Technology is ever chaning and Cobleigh Library is doing their part to help the community keep up with the times.

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Grindstone Cafe Reaches Out

GRIndStoneLYNDONVILLE -The Grindstone Cafe is more than just a little coffee shop. It offers all sorts of classes and is a place for the community to come together and socialize. However, there are some drastic changes happening to the Cafe, and they are asking for help from the community in order to keep their doors open.

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Taking A Dip

aquaticspsdLYNDONVILLE - North East Kingdom Aquatics is a swim team, where kids of all ages and skill levels participate in swimming together. The kids that take part on the team swim in local, regional and New England competitions. The levels get harder as the kids slowly start to age.

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Forum Held for Act 46

ACT46Lyndonville- There was a public forum at the Riverside school in Lyndonville to discuss Act 46 and the school district study committee. Members from the community, as well as Local State Representatives, gathered for a public forum to talk about Act 46. 

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Christmas in October

hope treeLYNDONVILLE - Christmas is coming early for H.O.P.E .in Lyndonville.


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Winterizing Your Vehicles

winterizingcarsLYNDONVILLE - As the winter months approach, you should stay safe by preparing your vehicle for the colder months ahead.

Winter in Vermont is historically rough, and in order to keep you and other drivers safe, you and your vehicle must be prepared for the worst.

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The Chiefs Town

Police carLyndonville- Jack Harris has been a Police Officer since July 31st 1989. He first started out in Connecticut then moved his way to the green mountains of Vermont. Where he worked his way through the ranks to become Chief of the Lyndonville police department.  

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Bag Balm Hits Walmart Shelves

bag balmLYNDON - From 1899 to 2016, the Northeast Kingdom company Bag Balm has quite the success story.

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Winter Parking Ban

Winter Parking BanLYNDON - You may be looking outside your window seeing blue skies amongst vibrant red and yellow trees, but in just a few weeks that will all change, and so will your permitted parking.  The transition into winter makes for an even bigger change is on the roadways. Starting November 1st, the town of Lyndonville asks that you do not park your vehicle on any street or highway within the town between 12am and 7am.


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Volunteering Could Land You a Job

hiredLYNDON - Volunteering may make you a good person, but it could also help your career. For starters, it looks good on your resume. “I think volunteering is seen as a positive thing,” said Director of Career Services Amy Wright.

Lyndon Institute Senior Day

lyndoninstitutesoccerLYNDON - The pitch was perfect Satruday afternoon, as the Lyndon Institute boys varsity soccer team headed into action in what was supposed to be their Senior Day and final home game of their careers against Peoples Academy.

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Darling Hill Rezoning

thumb Lyndon - The Lyndon planning commission met Wednesday October 13th to discuss the rezoning of Darling Hill Road. 
The purpose of rezoning would be to allow commercial properties on the road. It is currently zoned as rural residential which limits it to inns and private homes.

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Young Eagles Day Airplane Rides

planesrideLyndon- People around the Northeast Kingdom have the opportunity to take to the sky Saturday October, 1st at the Caledonia County Airport.  



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H.O.P.E.'s Plans for Opening

h.o.p.eLYNDON - After several floods set the opening back, H.O.P.E., or Helping Other People Everyday, is now officially opening the doors to their new building this week. 


The organization made a long anticipated move in July to a larger building on Church Street, but due to a series of floods and necessary renovations they have delayed their official opening  until this Thursday. 


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Experience Through Writing

RajniiLYNDON - From working with Macklemore, to speaking in front of a small group of aspiring writers at Lyndon State College, Rajnii Eddins sure has a lot to say about self love, creativity and courage.

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Agency of Transportation Budget Cuts

vtransthumbLyndon - The Vermont Agency of Transportation has presented a budget recession plan. The plan would cut $400,000 from the local paving budgets. This is in result of the 2.8 million dollar budget cutback that passed back in July.

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Car Chase Court Case

CarChaseCourtCaseLYNDONVILLE - A St. Johnsbury man who lead police on a high speed chase on Friday, has plead not guilty on all counts.

Twenty-four year old John Sheehy appeared in Caledonia County Court yesterday to speak for multiple charges related to Friday’s chase. Sheehy was identified as the man driving a Green Subaru that struck a propane tank after leading police on a chase through multiple towns.

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Town Responds to Protestors

ProtestersLYNDON - A complaint was filed in Lyndon because of protesters displaying graphic images that could have blinded community members.



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Chandler Pond Farm

FarmLyndonville - Summer is winding down to it's last couple of weeks for 2016 and for one local business its time to move on to other adventures. The Martin family is saying goodbye to Chandler Pond Farm in Lyndonville after nine years of owning it.

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