Fenton Chester Closed for the Winter

LYNDONVILLE - After a few months of the unknown, the only ice arena in Lyndonville has oficially announced it's closing it's doors for the Winter season.

The dicision was announced this past Thursday by LI's School Official Mike Lowe, saying it is because of financial troubles and Covid-19. In it's normal opperations, Fenton was already struggling and the pandemic made it worse. As we had mentioned in a previous story, this would impact three of the high school programs in the NEK. St. Johnsberry Accademy and Lyndon Institute Boys and Kingdom Blades Cooperative Girls. This also impacts the Lyndon youth hockey association and it's membership of more then one hundred skaters.

"There have been issues with Fenton Chester, it's a fourty year rink and needs a lot of tender love and care. It's to the point where various stake holders need to step up. It just became difficult for LI to obsorb that," said Eric Barry, LI's Atheletic Director.

"From an athletic stand point, we'd love to have our two teams local right here and competing. But it's just not feasible right now, so that being said we're gonna except the challenge to work on getting them ice time and practice time and of course game dates secured so that they can have their season."