Community Paints The Birds

LYNDONVILLE-Despite the weather this past weekend, and in the mids of the covid-19 pandemic, the Satellite gallery found a fun and creative way to bring the community together.

 At the beginning of the fall season, the Lyndon Downtown Revitalization Corporation met to generate some ideas about how to bring the community together in a safe and healthy way. But not only that, the corporation wanted to celebrate the Burklyn Arts Council fiftieth anniversary.

"Just trying to think of a way to celebrate in a time where it's hard to celebrate. We had lots of ideas going around, but this one really came through as a community art project," explains Elly Barksdale, who is with the Burklyn Arts Council.

Martha Elmes, one of the founders of the Satellite Gallery, explains that before covid the gallery was holding different events such as painting classes, business dinners, art openings, as well as being used as a music venue. Now to keep everyone safe, they have been holding events outside in their yard. But Elmes says that they will continue to reach out to the community. 

"Our whole goal with the Satellite Gallery and the Lyndon Downtown Revitalization, which is what we do, is trying to make things fun for the town."

The inspiration behind the model for the murals was created by Barksdale, since its the fiftieth anniversary of Burklyn Arts she thought it would be fitting for the town to paint birds. The Burklyn Arts posters always have a little bird on them, so Barksdale picked the Vermonts state bird, the hermit thrush.

Elmes tells readers the response from the community was great, over ten families showed up for the event. Even despite the fact people had to register to paint beforehand, there were several drop ins, and everyone was able to paint.

"So yesterday was packed, the first thing we got was snow and it didn't deter anyone from being here. We had people showing up right on time and started to paint. At one point we had twenty kids painting and doing different parts of different murals," said Elmes.

The event could not have been done without help from the community, many volunteers from the Burklyn Arts Council participated in the event. Along with some help with supplies from Wheelers Building Supplies, Lyndonville hardware, and some paint brushes provided by some of the schools in the area.

"We're really supported by our community, and some of the schools, and the teachers," Barksdale says with enthusiasm.

The hope is that the paintings will end up going to a local organization in town, but for now the paintings will be hung up at the Gallery for everyone to look at.