Lyndonville BIDS Farewell To Fire Trucks

LYNDONVILLE-Lyndonville's Fire Department is looking to sell two of their fire trucks, in hopes that they can purchase a new fire truck to take them into the future. 

The Lyndonville Fire department has sold fire trucks in the past, and anticipate that this year will be no different than the last. Lyndon Fire Departments Fire Chief, Jeff Corrow says these trucks are pretty expensive. The two trucks they are looking to replace will cost approximately six hundred thousand dollars.

"So we are just trying to, again, get rid of two trucks for one," Corrow explains.

The reason for the fire department seeking out a new fire truck is that they no longer need the two fire trucks anymore. They are hoping to get a new high tech fire truck, that allows them to get water from the truck itself. So the fire department does not always have to rely on nearby wells to retrieve water.

Corrow expresses that both trucks have been very faithful through their years of service. Corrow wants future bidders to know that these two trucks are still usable with just a few repairs.

"Both trucks are still usable, and if another fire department chose to put some money into it. We have just outlasted our needs for both of them."

Anyone can put in their bid for these two trucks at any price they see fit, the trucks will be going to the highest bidders. If the Fire Department does not receive enough money from the bids, Corrow has applied for a grant that he applies for every year. This grant usually comes out later in the year, normally in August, September, October.

"Grants have been our best friend, grants have parched our last two fire trucks. I try to be cognizant with the money, so we are not using taxpayers money, only as needed," Corrow explains.

Corrow says that he is not sure on how many bids have come through so far for the two fire trucks. But he has had a few people come up to him personally, asking about the trucks. The Department is sad to see them go, Corrow even shared a fond memory of one of the trucks from when he first started out on the job.

"We bought one of them back in nineteen nighty, the same year that I joined the fire department. This was the first automatic truck that I had driven. Back when I started in nineteen ninety, our trucks were standard. So this really helped us out because it is easier to drive, for more people to be able to drive."

To see any extra details about the make, and model of the trucks, you can go to the Lyndonville Fire Departments Facebook page.