New Signage to Protect Bridge

LYNDONVILLE - The Millers Run Bridge in downtown Lyndonville is said to have been hit over nine times in the last eight years.  Three of those have occurred in the last year.


Justin Smith, Lyndon's Town Administrator, says that the amount of times the bridge has been hit was really what sparked Lyndonville's town Select Board to make the decision to put up more signage around the bridge.

"We had the one that really cleaned the bridge out all the way through, and got the timbers on the inside. More commonly we have just the facades on each end, you know the things that make it look nice," explained Smith.

In some cases it's not always the drivers fault for not noticing the bridge has a weight and height limit. According to Smith, passenger vehicle grade GPS systems do not warn drivers of these restrictions.

"If you're using a commercial grade model, like for a truck driver, it actually will tell you that.  But a lot of people, to cut costs, will get the passenger model, and it doesn't tell you those things. So we do rely on people to see the signs and obey the laws on the signs," Smith went on to explain.

The Lyndon Select Board brought in a local truck driver to get some perspective on how to make it clearer that there were height and weight restrictions on the bridge to prevent further accidents.

"He presented some ideas to consider, and one of those was that in some other locations they have some kind of a lit sign with some kind of a flashing notification on it that there is something coming up that you should take notice of," said Smith.

That signage was put up at the beginning of August, and drivers will now see it in both directions leading up to the bridge. The project cost a little over $3000 dollars due to the size of the signs. But the biggest challenge during the whole procedure was where to locate the signs. But the biggest challenge during the whole procedure was where to locate the signs.

"We needed to find a location where a truck would still have time to make a turn to not continue going towards the bridge," explained Smith.

The Select Board hopes that there will be no more accidents after implementing these safety measures.