Protecting our Furry Friends

pet saltST.JOHNSBURY - People may want to think twice when walking their furry friends outdoors this winter. What many people do not know is that the ice melt used to help clear icy walkways, could be harmful to their pets.

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Park Plans Ahead of Schedule

saint j selectboardST. JOHNSBURY- Plans that have been in the works to create a new park in Depot Square in St. Johnsbury have now been cleared, and are ahead of the anticipated schedule.

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Kingdom Shelter Expansion Fundraiser

kingdom shelterST. JOHNSBURY - The Kingdom Animal Shelter in Saint Johnsbury is trying to raise money for a new shelter. This new shelter will not only be used to house more cats, but the shelter is hoping to be able to house dogs as well.

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A Personalized Touch

craftfairST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeastern Regional Hospital Craft Fair held every year, is a time when hospital employees get their chance to show off and sell their crafts. Running as an all-day event, nearly a dozen vendors present their individual works, each having their own artistic specialty.

 Sponsored by NVRH auxilians and volunteers, this year marked the twelfth running of the fair. Patricia Forest is an NVRH employee who runs all auxiliary events at the hospital.

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Turning The Page

sja bball previewST. JOHNSBURY- Nobody is perfect. The Hilltoppers of St. Johnsbury Academy's boys basketball team found that out the hard way last season when they came eight points short of reaching perfection when they lost the state championship game to Rice Memorial High School. With a new season right around the corner, redemption is the name of the game at St. Johnsbury Academy.

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Jose Bruzual Updates

jose bruzual blackSt. Johnsbury - Members of the St. Johnsbury Academy were shocked yesterday after Jose Bruzual, a teacher at the school, was arrested and charged with five counts of possessing child pornography.

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SJA Teacher Possessing Child Pornography

jose bruzual blackST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury Academy robitics teacher Jose Bruzual has been charged with five counts of possessing child pornography.

The Vermont Attorney General's Office says that according to court documents, Bruzual obtained and distributed child pornography of children who appear to be under five years old over the internet.

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Catamount Auction a Success

catamountST. JOHNSBURY - Catamount Arts held their 29th annual benefit auction this past weekend, and the results were record breaking. With more than 300 items, not only was this auction the biggest in the amount of items to bid on, it was the largest in attendance.

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A New Bridge on Route 2B?

christopher williamsST. JOHNSBURY - Built in 1936, Bridge Six on Vermont Route 2B in St. Johnsbury is now going to be replaced. The 77-year-old bridge is slowly deteriorating with major cracks, rust, and leakage. On November 19th there was a meeting held at the Welcome Center.

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"Gobbling Up" Information

talking turkeyST. JOHNSBURY - With Thanksgiving right around the corner people are starting to get ready to prepare one of the biggest feasts of the year. This past weekend young children at the Fairbanks Museum in St. Johnsbury were "talking turkey," and gobbling up all the information they could.

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Back On The Ice

sja first practiceST. JOHNSBURY - With Old Man Winter right around the corner, and temperatures in the North East Kingdom plummeting lower and lower, that can only mean one thing. hockey season is on it's way.

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ST. Johnsbury Auto Stuff-The-Truck

stuff a truckST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury Auto on Route 5 is holding a food drive, or as they call it, "Stuff The Truck". The event lasts from now until the end of the month, and the company will be collecting non-perishable food items as well as house hold items.

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Keeping Vermonts Roads Clear




St.Johnsbury- We've already seen the start of snow season, and know that dangerous winter roadways are just around the corner, but Vermont Transit has been working hard to have you covered this winter season.

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Catamount Benefit Auction

catamountST. JOHNSBURY- Local businesses will be giving back to the community through donations and items during the 29th annual Catamount Arts benefit auction.


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More Than a Musical Salute

veterans day concertST. JOHNSBURY- The North Congregational Church had most of its seats filled on Veteran's Day night for performances by the St. Johnsbury Band and other musical groups. It was the first time that the community town band played for an audience on this particular holiday.

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Outreach for VT Health Connect

st j health connect

ST.JOHNSBURY - It's been over a month since The Vermont Health Connect Exchange website released, but some residents are still having difficulty navigating the website. A community outreach held on Sunday at Northern Counties Health Care, or N.C.H.C., helped answer the questions asked by those who are having a hard time.


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Aligning Stars with Schools


fairbanks museum

ST. JOHNSBURY- The Fairbanks Museum may be small in size, but the role it plays throughout Northern New England is rather large. The building and its planetarium represent a history dedicated in connecting through education.

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Another Break for St. J

stjwaterbreakST. JOHNSBURY- For the second time in just five days, there has been another water break in the town of St. Johnsbury. The burst took place by the corner of Main St. and Winter St. around 10:30 a.m. on Friday.

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Water in St.Johnsbury

st j waterST.JOHNSBURY-The town of St. Johnsbury has faced a lot of road construction in the past few months. Many residents woke up yesterday morning to a boil water order, and yet another main road through town blocked off by construction equipment.  The roads are filled with smashed up gravel making it hard for travelers to get around.

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Veteran's Day Benefit Concert

st. j bandST.JOHNSBURY- This Veteran's day the St. Johnsbury community band will be heard playing to the tune of remembrance as they take the stage for a benefit concert for the St. Johnsbury Heritage Museum and to honor the veterans.


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Lots of Locks for Love

loxofloveOne St. Johnsbury Academy Senior is going the distance to help out people in need. Kayla Davis decided for her senior project that she would collect hair donations for the Locks Of Love organization. The results were astounding, as she collected three hundred ponytails for the cause.

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Keeping the Community Warm

coat driveST. JOHNSBURY - The weather is turning colder again, and that means digging out the hats, gloves and winter coats. Many people in our area don’t have the gear they need to stay warm this winter season. One recent event did what it could to provide cold weather-clothing to community members in need this past weekend.

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New Place: New Face

beat storyST.JOHNSBURY- There is a new face roaming the halls and football field at St. Johnsbury Academy as new Head Coach and Assistant Athletic Director Rich Alercio has found himself a new home. As a player and coach at both the high school and collegiate level, Alercio has made football a major part of his everyday life.

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Ruff Life

dogmtST. JOHNSBURY - The Northeast Kingdom has something to offer that you can't find anywhere else; a unique place that gives dog-lovers a place to come together and let man's best friend roam around, leash-free. Dog Mountain is a 150 acre land that started as a mere a dream while under a coma.

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How's Your Health Connection?

vthealthconnecSt.Johnsbury-The Vermont Health connection had some diffcutly getting off the ground. According to health navigator, Gina O'Mera, "it started out a little difficult...there was a whole bunch of people trying to enrol at one time...we anticipated some problems, but everyday it gets better."

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


Teacher Appreciation Week
It is Teacher Appreciation, which means it's time for students to thank their teachers for all of the lessons in and out of the classroom that are taught by our masters of education.

Too Many To Stand Under The Umbrella
Due to a false capacity sign at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center, the Umbrella Organization bit off a little more than they could chew with their first annual Spring Gala.

Preparing for Prom
It's officially prom season here in the Northeast Kingdom, and Hope is looking to outfit local ladies with the dresses to bring the house down.