Recount in Saint Johnsbury

St._J_recount.jpgSaint Johnsbury- A passing of the town's budget caused some controversy as the budget only passed by three votes. Three members of the town requested a recount of ballots because it was so close.

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Drop Everything And Read

st j childrenST. JOHNSBURY- Students of the St. Johnbury School are celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday by reading. Drop Everything And Read or D-E-A-R for short, encourages students to read on a daily basis.

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Kingdom Gymnastics Reopens

kingdom gymnasticsSAINT JOHNSBURY - Kingdom Gymnastics has reopened after weeks of intense cleaning and renovating brought on by two water main breaks. And the organizaton says it wouldn't have been possible without the help of volunteers.

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Judge OK's Delay In Prue Trial

prue updateST. JOHNSBURY - A judge has granted an attorney's request for more time in the murder trial of Patricia Prue.  An order filed Feb. 26 and signed by Judge Robert Bent will allow an extension in deadlines to give time for a psychiatric evaluation of Prue being performed by Dr. Philip Kinsler, a forensic psychologist from Lyme, NH.

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Saturday Community Lunches

food shelfST. JOHNSBURY- Some may connect the face of Daisy McCoy to a classroom, math problems, and homework. Others may connect her face to a delicious, warm, and satisfying meal.

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School Board Budget Increases Coming to St. Johnsbury

ST J SCHOOL BUDGETST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury School Board released their newest budget for the district. The budget is just under $16 million and is a 5.8% increase from last year.


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Bed Bugs in St. Johnsbury

BED BUGSST. JOHNSBURY- The apartments on the corner of Railroad Street and Eastern Avenue are infested with bed bugs. News7 reporter Tyler Dumont talked to Norma and William Heath who have reported the problem.

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St. Johnsbury Bike Shop

st. j bike shopST. JOHNSBURY- Littleton Bike and Fitness is opening a new branch in St. Johnsbury after serving the Littleton Community for decades. Dave Harkless the owner of Littleton Bike and Fitness started off working part time at the shop which was formally known as Littleton Bicycle Shoppe and later made his way up to being a manager.

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New Motion To Exclude Statements On Jenkins Murder

allenprueST. JOHNSBURY - The attorney for a Waterford man charged with first-degree murder is seeking to exclude statements made to police during a two-day period in 2012.  In a motion filed Friday, Feb. 14, Atty. Robert Katims, who represents Allen Prue, is requesting the court “suppress any and all statements made to law enforcement on March 27-28, 2012."

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Revenue From Parking Meters

parking meterST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury takes in more revenue from parking meters and ticket related incidents than you may think. Each year, the revenue from parking meters is around $26,000 and about $15,000 comes from ticket related incidents.

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UPDATE-Boil Water Notice Lifted

st. j boil waterST. JOHNSBURY- The water service that was affected by the water main break that occurred on Monday has been restored. The boil water notice was also lifted for the town Thursday morning.


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Boil Water Notice Still in Effect

st. j boil waterST. JOHNSBURY - The boil water notice for St. Johnsbury is still in effect, and has been since Monday's water main burst. Many residents are feeling the affect of the burst and are hoping that it will end soon.


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Water Main Break Leads To Boil Notice

watermainbreak1ST. JOHNSBURY - A broken water main has officials asking all town residents to boil their water. The break, reportedly caused by a 3-foot hole in an underground pipe, was found just after 3 a.m. today. Crews on-scene told News 7 they had difficulty finding the exact location of the break for awhile, but determined the rupture occured at the corner of Concord Avenue and Harrison Avenue. 

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Mall Water Damage Keeps Gym Closed

ST. JOHNSBURY - Nearly a week after a ruptured underground pipe flooded stores at the Green Mountain Mall on Memorial Drive, and a secondary burst of a repaired pipe, Kingdom Gymnastics remained closed Monday.

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Caledonia Child Advocacy Center Moves

ST. JOHNSBURY- The Caledonia Children's Advocacy Center has relocated to the NVDA building on Eastern Avenue in St. Johnsbury. The Advocacy Center is a safe haven for children and teenagers who have been physically or sexually abused.

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New Training For St. Johnsbury Police

st johnsbury police stationST. JOHNSBURY— With the recent articles declaring an increase of drug use in Vermont, many are trying to find ways to stop drug usage and prevent overdoses. While preventing an overdose can be far out of reach, one step closer is to prevent the number of deaths from an overdose. This can be done by using a drug that will reverse the effects of opiate drugs.

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Poland Pleads Not Guilty to Charges

EmbezzlementST. JOHNSBURY – He was hired as a leader of the Lyndon State College baseball team, but police say the former coach embezzled approximately $10,000 before resigning mid-season earlier this year.

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Protecting our Furry Friends

pet saltST.JOHNSBURY - People may want to think twice when walking their furry friends outdoors this winter. What many people do not know is that the ice melt used to help clear icy walkways, could be harmful to their pets.

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Park Plans Ahead of Schedule

saint j selectboardST. JOHNSBURY- Plans that have been in the works to create a new park in Depot Square in St. Johnsbury have now been cleared, and are ahead of the anticipated schedule.

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Kingdom Shelter Expansion Fundraiser

kingdom shelterST. JOHNSBURY - The Kingdom Animal Shelter in Saint Johnsbury is trying to raise money for a new shelter. This new shelter will not only be used to house more cats, but the shelter is hoping to be able to house dogs as well.

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A Personalized Touch

craftfairST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeastern Regional Hospital Craft Fair held every year, is a time when hospital employees get their chance to show off and sell their crafts. Running as an all-day event, nearly a dozen vendors present their individual works, each having their own artistic specialty.

 Sponsored by NVRH auxilians and volunteers, this year marked the twelfth running of the fair. Patricia Forest is an NVRH employee who runs all auxiliary events at the hospital.

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Turning The Page

sja bball previewST. JOHNSBURY- Nobody is perfect. The Hilltoppers of St. Johnsbury Academy's boys basketball team found that out the hard way last season when they came eight points short of reaching perfection when they lost the state championship game to Rice Memorial High School. With a new season right around the corner, redemption is the name of the game at St. Johnsbury Academy.

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Jose Bruzual Updates

jose bruzual blackSt. Johnsbury - Members of the St. Johnsbury Academy were shocked yesterday after Jose Bruzual, a teacher at the school, was arrested and charged with five counts of possessing child pornography.

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SJA Teacher Possessing Child Pornography

jose bruzual blackST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury Academy robitics teacher Jose Bruzual has been charged with five counts of possessing child pornography.

The Vermont Attorney General's Office says that according to court documents, Bruzual obtained and distributed child pornography of children who appear to be under five years old over the internet.

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Catamount Auction a Success

catamountST. JOHNSBURY - Catamount Arts held their 29th annual benefit auction this past weekend, and the results were record breaking. With more than 300 items, not only was this auction the biggest in the amount of items to bid on, it was the largest in attendance.

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