Still No Town Manager

schoolboard 3-23ST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury has yet to fill the position for their new town manager. Select Board chairman, Kevin Oddy, is concerned with the experience of the available remaining candidates.

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Springing into Flood Season

floodingSAINT JOHNSBURY - With warmer weather around the corner, the threat of flooding could become a serious issue. The problem could be solved through various methods, including your town’s emergency management plan.

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Drug Screening Coming to the NEK?

ST. JOHNSBURY- A Burlington company that offers drug screening services plans to open a new collection site in downtown St. Johnsbury.


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The Faces Behind Kiwanis

kiwanis 2ST.JOHNSBURY- The 65th annual Kiwanis Auction took place last week in St.Johnsbury. For decades, the Kiwanis Club has been putting on this auction in order to raise money to maintain one of America's only privately owned, completely free swimming pools that also offers free swimming lessons all summer long.

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St. J Gets No Break from Water Breaks

STJWaterMainBreakST. JOHNSBURY- A water main break in St. Johnsbury has lead to the closing of Federal Street while workers attempt to repair the damage. The St. Johnsbury Department of Public Works is working with C&C Bunnell Excavating to begin repairs to the water main.

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Kiwanis Club for a Cause

kiwanis day 1ST. JOHNSBURY - The annual Kiwanis auction is underway in St. Johnsbury. The event, which started on Monday, March 16, will run until Wednesday, March 18. The times you are able to call and donate are from 6pm to 9pm.

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Problems With the Curriculum?

st j schoolboard 2

ST. JOHNSBURY - Last night the St. Johnsbury School Board met to discuss a number of things on the agenda. The meeting was business as usual until the topic of curriculum came into the conversation.

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RCT On The Move

rct3ST. JOHNSBURY -- In just a couple of months Rural Community Transit will be moving locations, but will still stay in St. Johnsbury. The building that RCT will be moving into is the old Kroll Telemarketing Company Building. This place will allow the company to set up roots where they will stay premaritally.

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New Pumps for St. Johnsbury

waterST.JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury will be replacing two of their water pumps at the waster water treatment facility. The budget for the project is $1.35 million to purchase the new pumps.Even with the expensive price tag, residents of the town will only be charged a few extra cents on their water bills.


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The Search Continues

welcometost.jayST. JOHNSBURY - The decision to raise the pay for the new Town Manager, when one is found, was made last night at St. Johnsbury selectboard meeting.


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Open House Opens New Doors

ccvthumbnailST. JOHNSBURY- President Barack Obama is working towards making higher education at community colleges free, which could mean positive changes for Vermont students. Community College of Vermont, which ranks lowest in Vermont for the average tuition cost, held an open house Tuesday in hopes of drawing in prospective students.

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Keith Taylor Sentenced

taylorjailST. JOHNSBURY - Keith Taylor of Waterford, VT pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon to all charges including child cruelty. Taylor took the plea deal from the prosecution, which means he will be serving 60 days in prison and have home confinement for 6 months.


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40 Years and Counting

NEWSCATAMOUNTST. JOHNSBURY- Catamount Arts and Film is celebrating a big milestone this year.  It is their 40th year in operation its debut in 1975. 


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Corrette Steps Down


ST.JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury School Board director, Bruce Corrette, will be retiring from his position after twenty-three years of service split between two terms.

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NVRH's New Machine

nvrhmachineST. JOHNSBURY - Northeast Vermont Regional Hospital is currently using a new machine to combat the spread of infections. The machine, called the Sanosil Disinfectant has been in the hospital for two weeks now.

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The Fourteenth Star Shines Bright

latin motto ST. JOHNSBURY- "Stella Quarta Decima Fulgeat," or "The Fourteenth Star Shines Bright," may soon be the official Latin motto for the Green Mountain State. This comes after Angela Kubicke, a ninth grader from St. Johnsbury Academy proposed the idea of Vermont adopting a Latin motto.

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Costly Water Projects Ahead

Water Pipe ThumnST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Select Board discussed ways to fund two town water projects that will cost the town two million dollars. The St. Johnsbury Wastewater Treatment Plant is at risk of a sewage overflow if two water screw pumps are not replaced.

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International Athletic Interest Grows

international gamejpgST. JOHNSBURY- Several St.Johnsbury Academy students have a sports opportunity that wasn't available in previous years. This years outcome proved that the interest rate in this program is on the rise. 

St. J School Board Meets

st. j schoolboardST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury school board met last night, with the main topic focusing around the school budget that is proposed for this year. Multiple residents were present at the meeting to have their voices heard on topics that seemed to be of issue to them.

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Racing to the Finish

st j photo

ST. JOHNSBURY- After claiming their first ever Division One state title, the St. Johnsbury Academy Girls Indoor Track team is confident in their ability to finish the season strong at the New England Championships.

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One Step Closer

prue picST. JOHNSBURY - After a long morning in Caledonia District County Court you could hear the town of St. Johnsbury, in unison, exhale and release a sigh of relief.

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Together Works Grant

together worksST. JOHNSBURY- The town of Saint Johnsbury recieved a $1,275 grant from the Vermont Community Foundation. 

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Select Board Meeting

st. j selectST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Select Board met last night for their bi-weekly meeting. The board discussed a wide variety of topics that will be of importance in the coming months. The board put a lot of focus on this year's town budget.

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L.I. vs. SJA Rivalry Revisited


white room challegeST. JOHNSBURY - For the second year in a row, Lyndon Institute and St. Johnsbury Academy squared off in the Annual White Room Challenge. 



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School Break-In

burglaryST. JOHNSBURY - Good Shepherd Catholic School, on Maple Street in St. Johnsbury was broken into over the weekend. The suspect or suspects have not yet been found. 


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