Peggy Fischer: Kids Baking Championship

PeggyST. JOHNSBURY - The Food Network’s "Kids Baking Championship" sent home St. Johnsbury resident, Peggy Fischer, on Monday nights episode, after seven weeks of a long competition. The contest gives the winner $25,000 to do whatever they’d like, whether that goes towards college, savings, or even vacation.

 At 10 years old, Fischer was the youngest competitor on this seasons program, but claimed she can bake as fast as she can run. 

Starting off the show airing in early January, the contestants had to make homemade pies and ice cream, and Peggy succeeded to the next round. 


The next week was a little tougher for her as she was in the bottom of nine other contestants to stay in the competition after baking eclairs and cream puffs shaped like animals. In week three of the show, things began to take a turn as she won "Best Baker of the Week" as everyone had to include spices in their chocolate desserts. Week four continued the roller coaster ride for Peggy as she was once again the last to be chosen after making three dozen macaroons and having to stack them at least five inches tall. In week five, Peggy had to transform lunchbox items into desserts, and won "Best Baker" a second time. The next week, she stayed in the competition while using three types of candy into their desserts.


Week seven, the week of her elimination, the four competitors left had to disguise desserts into dinners. Her dessert resembled nachos. Fischer used the chips, being fried dough, crumbled cake to imitate meat, and lemon curd to look like cheese. Unfortunately hosts Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli did not think it was colorful enough, and it cost Peggy the competition, and the $25,000. 


 "The easiest challenge was probably the chocolate challenge, because I had 20 minutes left over and I was kind of comfortable doing what I was doing," said Peggy.


The show was filmed over the course of two weeks in July, and Peggy has been home since. She has had to keep her loss a secret until the episode aired where she was up against tough competition.


"My favorite part was probably winning a challenge. That was very fun, and meeting all the people that I met. I met a lot of new friends and new people. And the experience because I know what it's like to be on a T.V. show."


The final episode of this seasons Kids Baking Championship airs next Monday, February 22nd, on the Food Network channel.