A Turkey for the Holidays

Barnet- Small Vermont Farm supporting the community a turkey at a time.

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Richard "Dick" Lawrence reflects on his life

LYNDON -- Thanksgiving morning the Town of Lyndon lost a friend, colleague and a community leader.

Richard Lawrence... a former state house representative and Caledonia County Fair president, died at the age of 80.

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Mail-in Ballots

Danville- This is a pattern seen across the state,since covid, the use of mail-in ballots have gone up.

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Peacham Holds Voting Tradition

PEACHAM -  The pictursque town of Peacham cast their votes in the gymnasium within the town hall.

Residents hold in-person voting close to their hearts.

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Danville Building Advisory Group Oct 20

DANVILLE - The Danville School building advisory committee had their last meeting on October 20th to answer any last questions from community members.  That meeting was almost stalled after a question  about the tax impact that the town would have to take on for each of the options was asked.

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Barnet town hall renovations

Around the NEK- On Monday October 24th, the Barnet select board met with Montpelier based Black River Design to go over town hall renovation plans.

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Corn For Kids

CornLYNDON - Burklyn Arts and the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce have collected 120 ears of corn from two local farms.

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Summarizing Meteorological Winter

AROUND THE NEK - Spring has been above average for most categories here in the Northeast Kingdom. More specifically looking at some of the data from the National Weather Service, St. Johnsbury has been above average in almost every category so far this meteorological spring.

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Get Set Up NEK

AROUND THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM - The NEK has many great programs for community members to get involved and The Northeast Kingdom Council Of Aging is adding to that line-up.

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NEK Free Reading

AROUND THE NEK - If you have ever bought a book for your child, you will know that it costs money. When it comes to "Everybody Reads In The Kingdom," reading to your kids is free.

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Local Band Teams Up With Dealership

NORTHEAST KINGDOM - When Jeff More, owner of Wells River Chevrolet in Wells River was thinking about a new innovative way to advertise his dealership, he thought of the idea to partner with the band, the Kingdom All Stars, to make an ad stand out.

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High School All State Teams Announced

Article Written by Quinlan Peer

AROUND THE NEK - With Northeast Kingdom high school fall sports ending comes end-of-the-year awards. Each division awards top athletes with All-State Nominations and various regional awards. This year, there were 14 1st team All-State selections.

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Small Town Tradition Makes Big Impact

BARNET - When COVID hit Vermont back in early 2020, it brought many hardships for people like unemployment, food insecurity, and no social interaction. Despite the negative impact, a local Barnet woman, Joyce Evans, found a way to bring people some joy by giving out used clothes. Now, this small-town tradition is taking off.

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Uptick in Testing

VERMONT - For the last several weeks, the State of Vermont has experienced an increase in COVID cases. An uptick in positive cases generally means there is an increase in appointments being made to get tested. The Northeast Kingdom is no exception, as there has been a high percentage of residents getting swabbed for COVID.

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Kingdom East Moves Forward with Vaccination Policy

Written By:  Kaitlin Flannigan

NORTHEAST KINGDOM - At the last Kingdom East school board meeting on Tuesday night the board decided they are continuing to move forward with their new vaccination policy to require staff to either get the Covid-19 Vaccine or be tested regularly to keep their jobs.  But some board members disagree.


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Closed? Or Open?

VERMONT-Registration for children ages five to eleven for covid 19 shots opened Wednesday morning of last week.
So far over 100 vaccination sites are available to students this week throughout Vermont. Even so, some superintendents are worried about registration as the state made a big oops.

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Willoughby Construction Underway

WESTMORE - A popular northeast kingdom lake is getting some renovations to its boat launch and parking lot before next year's season.

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Test To Stay In Vermont Schools

VERMONT - Earlier this month the Scott administration suggested Vermont school districts adopt the so-called "Test to Stay" program to minimize classroom disruption due to Covid-19. Although the program was put out at the beginning of the month, schools in Caledonia County have still not figured out a way to implement this strategy.

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Kingdom East Proposes Employee Vaccine Mandate

Article Written in Collaboration by Nick Fish, Quinlan Peer, Kaitlin Flannigan, and Alexandra Huff.

AROUND THE NEK - Aftering hearing feedback on a previous draft policy requiring all Kingdom East School District employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, a committee voted to bring a new draft before the school board.

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NEK Prepares for Halloween

AROUND THE NEK - As the sun sets earlier each day, a looming sense of spookiness is starting to sweep over the Northeast Kingdom. Skeletons, ghosts, and witches are all coming together to plan community events for families.

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Green Mountain Adventure Racing Comes To NEK

WESTMORE - Some come to the Northeast Kingdom to observe nature's beauty during the fall season. This past weekend some people came down to use nature to measure their inner strength surrounded by the fall colors. In the "Test Your Nettle," three hour race hosted by Green Mountain Adventure Racing.

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Kingdom Corn

SUTTON - While there are many fun activities here in the Northeast Kingdom, there seems to be no shortage of corn mazes. Since The Great Vermont Corn Maze is all sold out for the season, It's been bringing visitors to a new location in Sutton Vermont. 

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Around the NEK – The Vermont State College System Board of Trustees met on Monday to discuss the future of three of its schools.



The board met up early this morning at the Lake Morey Resortto continue to discussthe intial process of merging Northern Vermont University, Castleton, and Vermont Technical College into one college. Representative Eileen Dickinson spoke of the meeting as well as the process to merge the schools and states “It involved both the student experience, the academic experience we hired another consultant (RPK) to work with our faculty and across the system. They came out and gave us a really good presentation and then of course the finances which is the really important piece because we really do have to find a way that we’re financially stable and to make it more affordable for students.”

The merge won’t officially start until the 2023-24 Academic year.

Peacham Bread Oven

Peacham - Peacham Elementary had all hands on deck this summer by creating a bread oven that helped strengthen their community bond.

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Brew Trail For NEK Beer Lovers

Around the NEK -This summer the Vermont Brewers Association created the Northeast Kingdom brew trail for responsible beer lovers to get out and experience different breweries in the Northeast Kingdom.

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