• Budget Back Up for Vote
  • Bringing More to Burke
  • Author Speaks in Bradford

VOTE OR DIEST. JOHNSBURY- Voters will be heading to the polls all day today to vote on the revised $15.2 million school budget.

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burkefarmBURKE- Over 50 years ago, a mountain manager and a city girl met in Alaska. Now, the two are happily married and together, they bring more to Burke than their animals and farm-- their love for the two as well as for eachother.

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JOHNSBURY REVOTEBRADFORD- Last night the Bradford Academy held their World Book Night. Author Mary Holland presented a photographic display about her own experiences in New England.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

St. Johnsbury School Vote

Taxpayers are heading to the polls today to vote on the revised $15.7 million school budget.


BMU Voting


Blue Mountain Union school budget failed to pass for the third time.


New Tools


The Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Department has a new tool that wil allow them to expand their rescue capabilities. Find out what it is tonight!


Week in Review 4/14 - 4/18

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