St. Johnsbury Structure Fire

st j fireSAINT JOHNSBURY - A structure fire broke out around 8:00a.m. this morning on Elm St. in St. Johnsbury.  "We weren't too far away so we blue lighted all the way over here and got here as the place was engulfed," says St. Johnsbury Police Department Patrol Officer, Adrian Hahr.

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Locals to Renovate Abandoned Armory

st j armoryST. JOHNSBURY - The abandoned armory in St. Johnsbury will have a new look soon at the hands of a local who said that this type of project is right up his alley.

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Local Woman Receives Award

history2St. Johnsbury - They say it takes a village, when Peggy Pearl received her award from the Vermont Historical Society she thanked everyone who works with her.

"I have a hard time accepting this award because its something that reflects dozens and dozens of people. This award couldn't have been receive by myself, if I didn't have those people behind me", Pearl said.

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The Rivalry

LivsstjSaint Johnsbury - A rivalry that extends back farther than the last time the Cubs won the world series, the 112th edition known as "The Game" pitted the 5-2 Saint Johnsbury Hilltoppers against the 0-7 Lyndon Institute Vikings.

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It's More than Just a Library

StorytimeST. JOHNSBURY - A library is a place where some go to further their literature, educate themselves, and gain a peace of mind. What makes St. Johnsbury’s library so special is that it is not just a tool for literature, but for so much more.

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CatCH You Afterschool

After School ProgramSaint Johnsbury— A unique afterschool program is catching the attention of students and members in the community. Catamount Community Hours, also known as CatCH, is an afterschool and summer program for students first to fifth grade, within the Saint Johnsbury community.

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New Plans Coming to Saint Johnsbury

stJtownmeetingST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury may have a new town plan that is on the way. The new plan would last for a half decade and would affect the town's budget and spending. Two important topics on the budget consists of universal recycling laws and tourism.

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Children and Families in Vermont

LGK2ST. JOHNSBURY - Legislators met in St. Johnsbury to discuss particular issues effecting children and families across the state of Vermont.

At the open forum meeting hosted by Building Bright Futures, members of multiple organizations including Umbrella and Lets Grow Kids talked about key issues that they see as important.

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Animation Festival

animationfestivalSAINT JOHNSBURY - Residents made their way to the Catamount Arts Center last night for the Second Annual Vermont Animation Festival.


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Single Vehicle Rollover

vehicle rolloverSAINT JOHNSBURY— A single vehicle rollover occurred Tuesday night on Mt. Pisgah road near Memorial Drive in Saint Johnsbury. Vermont State Police responded to the scene with Saint Johnsbury Fire and Rescue around 5:30 p.m.

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Parking Lot Agreement

ParkingLOTST. JOHNSBURY - The parking lot across from the Star movie theater in St. Johnsbury is now back open. Last November, the owner of the private space had closed a portion of the parking lot because of maintenance costs. 

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The Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen Volunteers

ST. JOHNSBURY -- The Mustard Seed Soup Kitchen in St. Johnsbury wouldn't be up and running if it weren't for volunteers.

Director Frank Rothe said the soup kitchen was inspired by bible study. “We started out as a youth mentoring program, we opened a thrift store to support it and it developed into the soup kitchen," he said. It opened in 2002.

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St. Johnsbury Parks Higher Prices

st. J ParkingST. JOHNSBURY - Municipal parking permits in St. Johnsbury will soon become more expensive.

Parking prices in St. Johnsbury have been stagnant for years, and the town thinks it's time to change that because of lost revenue. The parking permits cost about $175 to maintain, and with residents only paying $125, that is a lot of money the town needs.

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Healthy Meals

HealthyKidsMealsST. JOHNSBURY - The American Heart Association of Vermont has been out in full force trying to fight childhood obesity.  They are highlighting healthy eating in a September series of events at local restaurants to showcase healthy eating for kids.

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A Worthwhile Investment

Saint Johnsbury- For many, Vermont is seen as a leader in the renewable energy front. However, is this a trend that one may see on a smaller scale in rural Vermont, or simply found in the hubbub of cities like Burlington. 

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Vote for St. Johnsbury Cemetery Commission

GroveCemeteryOn November 8th, the town of St. Johnsbury will be asked to vote on creating a cemetery commission.


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New Police Body Cameras

bodycamerasST. JOHNSBURY - A recent police-involved shooting in Winooski, Vermont has re-engaged the discussion of the use of police body cameras across the state. Body cameras have been a big topic across the country since the incidents in 2014 involving Michael Brown in Baltimore, MD and Eric Garner in New York City.  It is because of incidents like those that cameras have been implemented to record certain interactions between officers and citizens.

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Syrian Architect

SYRIANthumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - On Thursday night, Saint Johnsbury Academy welcomed a special guest to speak to the public, Mohamad Hafez. Hafez, a Syrian Artist and Architect, talked to a full room of students and residents about the difficulties of being a refugee.


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Meals on Wheels

MOWSt. Johnsbury- After a financial scare, St. Johnsbury Meals on Wheels will keep on rolling.  One of Meals on Wheals goals is to deliver meals to elderly people or induviduals who are unable to prepare warm food or have meals otherwise provided.

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This is Only a Drill!

Fire TrainingSAINT JOHNSBURY — Catastrophe was ablaze at the Saint Johnsbury Health and Rehabilitation Center as firefighters cleared one of the center’s wings. At least, this is what it may have seemed like when the Saint Johnsbury Fire Department was conducting a disaster drill.

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Police Expansion Denied

policeexpansionST. JOHNSBURY - Tax payers and residents of St. Johnsbury voted against a police expansion proposal that has been around since 2011. The voting took place during a special select board meeting last Monday.

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Raising Awarness for Alzheimers

alzheimers final thumbnailST. JOHNSBURY - Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott attended the Walk to End Alzheimer's over the weekend to help raise awareness for the disease. Hundreds of walkers dressed in purple lined the streets of St. Johnsbury to help spread the awareness for the cause.

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Meals on Wheels Deficit

mealnwheelzST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Meals on Wheels program has been battling financial hardship for the last few years and is currently facing a $12,000 deficit.

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Parking Meters to be Replaced

parkingmeterST. JOHNSBURY - Town officials are looking into removing parking meters from downtown St. Johnsbury. Town officials believe that kiosks could be the way to go. If the town wanted wanted to bring back the meters it could end up costing more then $ 25,000 to reinstall them.

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Memorial Garden New Plaque

memST. JOHNSBURY - Following the anniversary of his death, St. Johnsbury firefighters are working to honor fallen firefighter Eugene McDonough.

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