Water Turned Off

water main breakSt. Johnsbury - Despite the recent flooding throughout the Northeast Kingdom, people in St. Johnsbury recently had their water shut off.The town is currently in their second year of the ACSO Elimination Project, which deals withe the sewage overflow.

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Rollickers Bike and Boards

rollickers updateST. JOHNSBURY - Rollickers Bike and Boards in St. Johnsbury is now open. Although they have yet to have a "grand opening," they are fully operational.

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St.J Preparing Water and Sewer Budget

St.J Water and sewerST.JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is working to release the new water and sewer budget as soon as possible. At last night’s select board meeting, the assistant town manager, David Ormiston said, they have finally honed in on the expenses for this year.

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Prue Murder Trails Moved out of Caledonia County

Prue TrailsST.JOHNSBURY- Superior Court Judge, Robert Bent, has approved the request to move the trails of Patricia and Allen Prue out of the county. The Prue’s are accused of the murder of St.Johnsbury teacher, Melissa Jenkins.

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Man Charged with Murder of Mary Pat O'Hagan

Norrie ArraignedST.JOHNSBURY- Micheal Norrie, the man accused of shooting Sheffield Grandmother Mary Pat O”Hagan, was in court last week. Norrie is now being charged with the murder nearly three years later.

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St. Johnsbury Spring Concert

JOHNSBURY MUSIC FESTIVITIESST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury School hosted the Fifth Annual Spring Concert last night. 

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Tucker's Case Dismissed

tucker hearingST. JOHNSBURY- "I am dismissing the case, I do not think there is enough evidence." Judge Robert Bent said at the hearing against Martha Tucker the Superintendent of Caledonia North Supervisory Union.

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St. J Struggles to Revise School Budget

St. Johnsbury School BudgetST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury school board is having trouble making revisions to their previous failed budget. Due to numerous school budget failures across Vermont, the state tax increase has been lowered from seven cents, to four cents. The tax decrease will automatically lower St.Johnsbury's budget that is currently being revised.

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Drug Abuse, Kennametal Discussed At Legislative Breakfast

NEKLegislativeBreakfastST. JOHNSBURY - Political leaders from around the Kingdom discussed the decrease of jobs, and the increase of drug addiction, at a breakfast this morning. Legislators met at the St. Johnsbury House on Main Street.

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United Way Bowlers Unite Tournament

United_Way.jpgSAINT JOHNSBURY- The second annual Bowlers Unite Tournament was held this past Sunday to benefit the Green Mountain United Way. The tournament had two more teams then what it had last year. A total of six teams fought hard to contribute and fundraise money for the campaign. Chair Person Catherine Hamilton, Ph. D., Vice President of Planning at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, announced the goal as $600,000 and the theme as ‘Give ‘Til it Feels Good’.

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Catamount Arts Survives Because of Community

catamount artsST. JOHNSBURY- Catamount Arts, a place for entertainment for all to enjoy throughout the Northeast Kingdom, has been around since 1975.
Catamount Arts has transformed throughout the years but has always remained at the same location on Eastern Avenue in St. Johnsbury.

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Woman Charged After Altercation With Reporter

DisorderlyConductST. JOHNSBURY - A woman living in the Depot Square apartment complex that was searched earlier today by bed bug sniffing dogs has been charged with disorderly conduct after an altercation with a Caledonian-Record reporter.

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Helmet Laws

helmetST. JOHNSBURY- With the Senate rejecting the recall on motorcycle helmet laws,  the discussion on the matter is back in the forefront.

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Melissa Jenkins Memory Lives On

melissajenkinsST. JOHNSBURY- Just two years ago the Northeast Kingdom lost one of it's own, the tragedy hit the community hard but they've come together again to remember the woman who friends and students called "The Lady In Pink."

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St.J Proposing Water and Sewer Budget

St.J Sewer BudgetST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is in the process of creating the 2014 Water and Sewer budget. Residents are showing impatience towards the release of these budgets, excepting a tax increase.

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St. J PD Cracking Down On Drunk Driving

StJCopCarST. JOHNSBURY - New funding for sobriety and safety checkpoints in St. Johnsbury means an increase in their fight against drunk driving, the department says. Starting this week, the department says they'll be conducting checkpoints more often thanks to new funding from the Governor's Highway Safety Program.

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What is Reiki?

reikiST. JOHNSBURY - Dyanne Thresher is a master reiki practioner (pronounced 'ray-kee') through her teaching credentials. She has been practicing reiki for eight years. Thresher is currently a volunteer at Northeast Vermont Regional Hospital (NVRH) in the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, and just a few weeks ago she started performing reiki in Day Surgery.

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Green Mountain Mall Development

mall developmentST. JOHNSBURY- Ongoing repairs at the Green Mountain Mall in St. Johnsbury have brought to light issues that the mall may have been experiencing prior to the February 4th flood.

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St. Johnsbury Educates on School Budget Fail

St. Johnsbury School Budget fail ST. JOHNSBURY- After the St.Johnsbury school budget failed to pass, the school board opened up the floor to residents to address what changes should be made. Many parents suggested that the board needs to educate voters on what their money is being spent on, and how it will effect students.

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Miss Vermont Addresses Rape-Crisis

Miss VermontST. JOHNSBURY- Current Miss Vermont Winner, Jeanelle Achee, made an appearance at the Kiwanis Auction on Monday. Jeanelle is not only Miss Vermont, but she is also a full time student at UVM with a strong standpoint on a controversial issue, rape-crisis.

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"Labor of Love" Behind Kiwanis Auction

KiwanisPoolST. JOHNSBURY - When area children started losing their lives, claimed by the waters of area rivers and lakes, the St. Johnsbury Kiwanis organization knew they needed a safer alternative for family fun.

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Pie Sale helps Kingdom Gymnastics


Saint Johnsbury- Kingdom Gymnastics officially reopened their doors on Mach 3rd. They held a fundrasier Sunday morning at the Saint Johnsbury Comfort Inn and Suites to help raise money to buy new equipment and renovations to the gym from last months water main break.

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Recount in Saint Johnsbury

St._J_recount.jpgSaint Johnsbury- A passing of the town's budget caused some controversy as the budget only passed by three votes. Three members of the town requested a recount of ballots because it was so close.

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Drop Everything And Read

st j childrenST. JOHNSBURY- Students of the St. Johnbury School are celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday by reading. Drop Everything And Read or D-E-A-R for short, encourages students to read on a daily basis.

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Kingdom Gymnastics Reopens

kingdom gymnasticsSAINT JOHNSBURY - Kingdom Gymnastics has reopened after weeks of intense cleaning and renovating brought on by two water main breaks. And the organizaton says it wouldn't have been possible without the help of volunteers.

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