Shotgun with the Sheriff

ridealongST. JOHNSBURY - The Caledonia County Sheriff's Department operates differently than other local police departments. News7 went on a ride along with Sergeant Bunnell to find out how.

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Will Business Pave Its Way Back?

constructionST. JOHNSBURY – Over the past couple of years, road construction has brought lots of inconvenience to both the local residents and businesses. Fortunately, the long working project is finally done, and employers are looking forward to having their regular business back.

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St.J Looking for New Town Manager

newtownmanagerST. JOHNSBURY — The St. Johnsbury select board is looking for a new town manager to replace current town manager John Hall. Hall plans to retire on April 13th of next year, after a long successful career.

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Construction Celebration

ConstructionCelebrationST. JOHNSBURY- This weekend, St. Johnsbury celebrated the long awaited end of their towns lengthy construction projects. 

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Candidate Forum

these peopleSt.JOHNSBURY- A forum was held Thursday night at Catamount Arts which featured Republican and Democratic representatives and challengers.

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National Food Day

fudST.JOHNSBURY- The Northern Vermont Regional Hospital held activities for national food day on October 23rd in honor of national food day.  Every year twenty three thousand die because of consuming meats which have been prosseced and raised with chemicals and GMO's

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Caladonia Court House: A History

CourthouseThumbnail1ST.JOHNSBURY-The Caladonia Courthous has a rich history that dates back all the way to the 1700s, but many know nothing about it. The story begins in 1792 when Caledonia County was first formed.

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Planning for School Budget

st.j schoolboardSt. Johnsbury -- Although the St. Johnsbury school board have difficulties getting the community to pass this year's budget, the school board starts thinking about their fiscal budget for 2016. The board discussed the school finance strategies on Monday night.

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Fairpoint Strike Continues


ST. JOHNSBURY VT.- Today marks day four of the FairPoint Union strike.


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Communication Workers of America began the strike at midnight on October 16 in protest of stalled negoation talks. 

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Rivals Prep for "The Game"

THEGAMEST. JOHNSBURY- "The game" can mean many different things to different people. It could be this weeks NFL matchup, or it could be any upcoming college game. But around these parts of the Northeast Kingdom, "The Game" refers to the annual Lyndon Institute vs. St. Johnsbury Academy football game.

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FairPoint "Backed into a Corner"

FP strike ST.JOHNSBURY- Today, more than 1,700 FairPoint employees from Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire picketed across New England. Union workers authorized and announced action thursday night.

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Outpour of Support for NVRH

sprinklerST.JOHNSBURY- The Northern Vermont Region Hospital received an outpouring of support from the community after their recent flooding on October 5th. Around 10:30 at night a sprinkler on the medical/surgical floor of the hospital malfunctioned releasing fifteen gallons of water per minute.

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SAT School Day

satschooldayST. JOHNSBURY - St. Johnsbury Academy made a change this fall for the way their students participated in SAT testing. In September, the College Board selected the Academy to take part in a special program.  

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Breaking Down Health Care

bluecrossST. JOHNSBURY- Small business owners can now register for health care renewal. This news comes even though the Health connect website is down for another two to three weeks.


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Burglars Arraigned

ST. JOHNSBURY- Twenty-nine-year-old Brent Sarazin of Lyndon was arraigned on Monday afternoon in Caledonia Criminal Courthouse for burglary charges.


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Bed Bug Dispute

bed bug infestationST. JOHNSBURY - Bed bugs continue to stir up trouble for one apartment building in St. Johnsbury. One couple says this has been an ongoing issue.


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Wheels for Warmth 2014

wheelsbond finalST. JOHNSBURY - The Tenth Annual Wheels for Warmth program is underway at the Bond Auto Parts in St. Johnsbury.  

Started by Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott, Wheels for Warmth is in effect to help those who are struggling with the rising cost of home heating. 

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Hall of Fame Visitor

hof finalST. JOHNSBURY- A former baseball player, and now, Boston Red Sox hall of famer, visited the town of St. Johnsbury over the weekend.  

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Chamber Receives Grant

st. j commerceST. JOHNSBURY - The St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce was awarded a grant of $76,000, which is a part of the Federal Farm Bill for Rural Development. 


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Westaff Job Fair

job fair copyST. JOHNSBURY - Many residents of Caledonia County were offered help in search of employment by Westaff on Wednesday. Westaff is an employment agency, helping temporary employees with jobs throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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Embezzlement Case Dropped

EmbezzlementST. JOHNSBURY - After entering a plea of not guilty to one felony count of embezzlement last December, a former Lyndon State College baseball coach is now off the hook.

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FEMA Overpaid

stjselectST. JOHNSBURY- The Federal Emergency Management Fund has overpaid the town of St. Johnsbury by a large amount.


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Economic Development Forum

econ devl forumSt. Johnsbury -- Representative Michelle Fay organized the economic development listening forum on Monday night in St. Johnsbury. People in this area had a rare opportunity to talk to state-wide politicians.

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Colors of the NEK

colors of the windST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury will be celebrating their "Colors of the Kingdom" festival this Saturday, with events for all ages. 

 The festival will be located along Railroad St., Eastern Ave., and Main St. This years festival theme will be "Show Your Colors," encouraging citizens from all of the Northeast Kingdom to embrace and show who they really are.

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JUDGE: Murder "Confession" Can be Used at Trial

allenprueST. JOHNSBURY -- A Caledonia judge has ruled that Allen Prue's statements to police about the murder of Melissa Jenkins - which graphically detailed his alleged participation in the killing - can be used at his trial, scheduled for Oct. 6.

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