St. Johnsbury Water Main Break

water breakST. JOHNSBURY- For the second time this year, another water main break has occured. A construction crew arrived around 8am at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Concord Avenue where water was streaming down the streets.

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Police Assistance in Education

police in schoolSt. Johnsbury - The town of ST. Johnsbury is continuing to improve its law enforcment, and this time they are involving the schools in the community.


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Waste Water Treatment Upgrades?

watertreatmentfinalST. JOHNSBURY - While Saint Johnsbury residents are enjoying the completion of summer roadwork that plagued their streets, the town is moving onto planning their next large-scale infastructure project. At the selectboard meeting last night, a proposal to upgrade their wastewater treatment facility was introduced.

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Second Hand Smoking

second hand smokeST. JOHNSBURY - Its an up coming battle, but the Northeastern Vermont Regional hopspital's Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Coalition, is on a mission to educate and create awareness on second hand smoking. Second Hand Smoking which is the act of inhaling smoke from burning tobbacco or a smoker who's smoking and is around you which just might be as harmful as one who is smoking directly.A movement and campaign led by different health organizations  is spreading all over the country and coming to the NorthEast Kingdom to not only educate the dangers of smoking but to also encourage conversations regarding this matter.

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St. Johnsbury to Consolidate?

sjtschoolborderSt. Johnsbury-  Many towns in the state are scrambling to meet the new requirements under Vermont's Act 46: If a school district has under 900 students, they must consolidate with nearby schools.

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NVRH Appeals Budget

NVRH thumbnailSt. Johnsbury-  The Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital is fighting back and appealing the budget made by The Green Mountain Care Board. The budget the board granted the hospital is over one million dollars less than what was requested.

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Passumpsic River Cleanup

river clean upST. JOHNSBURY – The Passumpsic River is getting a cleanup, thanks to the Riverfront Revitalization Committee. River cleanups have been taking place all summer, and the changing temperatures did not stop volunteers from getting into the cooling waters this past weekend.

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Kingdom Autumn Festival

kingdom autumn fest thumbST. JOHNSBURY – Like the changing leaves, a beloved festival brought a splash of color and excitement to St. Johnsbury over the weekend.The streets were bustling on Saturday thanks to the sixth annual Colors of the Kingdom Autumn Festival.

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Dunne in St. Johnsbury

Dunne in St. JST. JOHNSBURY- Husband, father, and son to a 1960's civil rights activist and Hartland farm owner, Matt Dunne has begun his campaign for governor in the 2016 primary early. Dunne held a community forum Wednesday night at the Catamount Arts center as part of his campaign to test the waters in Vermont.


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St. J. Co-Op Launches Fundraiser

StJ Co-OpST. JOHNSBURY - Despite concerns that the St. J. Food Co-Op would close in early September, the doors are open and it's business as usual – with a twist. The co-op and members of the community have teamed up for a fundraiser in an effort to keep the store alive.

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Construction at the Courthouse

court constructionST. JOHNSBURY - With winter's bone-chilling cold just around the corner, Vermont's construction season will soon be coming to an end. In addition to seemingly endless roadwork in the town, the Caledonia County Courthouse is receiving major structural upgrades.

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Eco-Friendly Laundry at NVRH

nvrh thumbST. JOHNSBURY – A new laundry system will help wash away costs for the Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital and save them up to $18,000 a year.  Thanks to various grants, the hospital was able to install Aqua-Wing's ozone regeneration system in their laundry room over the summer, and has been working with the environmentally-friendly system for the past few weeks.

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Trotto Appears in Court

TROTTOcourtST. JOHNSBURY- Nicholas Trotto, a 22-year-old Lyndon State College student, has been charged with one count of stalking and five counts of prohibited acts. Trotto pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

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The Art of Social Realism

ANNYOUNG copyST. JOHNSBURY- The Northeast Kingdom Artisans Guild is a cooperative group that features artwork from more than 100 artisans.  The Backroom Gallery of the guild hosts exhibitions that change every six weeks. The latest exhibit is featuring the artwork of Ann Young.

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A Cap on Capstone Projects

pictureST. JOHNSBURY- Today was the big day for many St. Johnsbury Academy freshman who completed their capstone projects. 

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Utility Pole Project Cutting it Close

polesST. JOHNSBURY - The town of St. Johnsbury is inching closer to finishing the “West Side Project.” The project, which has been ongoing for four years must come to an end and the Selectboard got closer to making that a realization last night.

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Sap Lap: Running for a Cause

maplefestST. JOHNSBURY- Runners from around the region found their way to St. Johnsbury for the 2015 Maple Festival and Sap Lap 5K Run. Proceeds from the event are going towards paying for ice time for local youth hockey players next winter. Organizer and State Representative Scott Beck believes the event is great for both youth hockey players as well as the town of St. Johnsbury.

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Flushing Fire Hydrants

firehydrantST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury Department of Public Works is reminding residents that they will be flushing fire hydrants from April 27th through April 29th. The flushings are scheduled from 6-9pm.

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St. Johnsbury School Receives Grants

st j new grantST. JOHNSBURY - The school district of St. Johnsbury is receiving four grants, some of which will be effective as early as next school year.


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Concussions: "Impact" on Student-Athletes

ConcussionsST. JOHNSBURY - It's every athletes worst nightmare- no, not missing the last shot or striking out- but getting a concussion.  It happens to every one in five high school athletes each year, and the repercussions can be costly.

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St. Johnsbury Eyes HIA Plan

HIABOARDST. JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is considering implementing a Health Impact Assessment when planning new construction projects. A Health Impact Assessment, or HIA, is a process that helps to evaluate the potential health effects of a plan, project, or policy before it is built or implemented.

Parents Get Schooled

parents nightST. JOHNSBURY- A larger than normal crowd attended the St.Johnsbury school board's annual special meeting. Changes to the curriculum were just one of many topics focused on.

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St. Johnsbury Job Fair

job fairSt. Johnsbury - Job seekers had the ability to go to the second annual Creative Workforce Solutions job fair at the St. Johnsbury school today.


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Memories of the Seventies

70sinvermontST. JOHNSBURY - People all over Vermont are sharing stories about their lives in the 1970's as part of the Vermont Historical Society's Vermont 70's Project.

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Soggy Weather Sets Back Sports

spring fieldsST. JOHNBURY- Being a member of a sports team in the Northeast Kingdom has many challenges, some which can only be experienced after a long, dreadful winter. As the spring thaw continues, local sports teams are finding it harder and harder to practice outside due to poor weather conditions.

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