Local Brewery Opens at Green Mountain Mall

brewery 1St. Johnsbury- A new local brewery had its grand opening this weekend at the Green Mountain Mall.



Scott Salmonsen’s dreams to bring his passion for beer to the local area finally became a reality on Saturday. His new business venture, Saint J Brewery, is a diverse place that isn’t just a pub and a restaurant, but also a brewery.

“It’s really the manufacturing end of it and also the restaurant end of it.” Darcie McCann of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce said.

Saint J Brewery currently offers three types of beer made on-site at the mall, and Salmonsen says he hopes to expand the brewing operation this spring.

The opening of Saint J Brewery was not the easiest of journeys for Salmonsen though. Two years ago, his previous plans were washed away by a flood.

“We were ground zero for what I call the ‘great small flood’ and it happened actually where we were preparing to build a 1.5 barrel brewery,”  Salmonsen said.

Salmonsen also says he plans to help tap into the local economy as well. Vermont has a huge microbrewing culture that can potentially lure tourists to other local businesses.

“I mean we get to kind of help revitalize the mall," Salmonsen said. "I mean we’re actually a draw that can draw from outside of the Kingdom, outside of Vermont and bring people into the mall.”

And tourists won't be the only customers who will reap the benifits of the new brewing operation. McCann says locals will also find a sense of community there.

“I think what you’re looking for is a sense of place and a lot of people come in here and they’re trying out different types of beer and lagers," McCann said. "They’ve got a sense of place. It’s like a little neighborhood bar.” 

For more information, visit their website at saintjbrewing.com.


New Local Brewery from NewsLINC on Vimeo.