Increase in Vermont Robberies

rob thumbnailSAINT JOHNSBURY- According to recent reports, Vermont and the Northeast Kingdom has seen an increase in robberies. Federal statistics say over the past few years’ crimes like this have more than doubled.


Although this is a common trend during the middle of winter, St. Johnsbury Police Chief Clem Houde says drug abuse also plays a role along with short days and frigid temperatures.

“Folks that are committing the armed robberies that are continually having issues with drug abuse and stuff like that, they are not going to make changes unless they hit rock bottom,” says Houde.

According to data reported over the last couple of years, armed robberies in the state have increased from 50 in 2014 to 110 in 2015.

Houde believes society needs to issue these types of people a penal consequence for their actions, so they realize they need to make changes.

Houde says when people that commit these crimes are punished; they complete community service rather than jail time. He thinks as a result, the criminal will commit another crime.