FairPoint "Backed into a Corner"

FP strike ST.JOHNSBURY- Today, more than 1,700 FairPoint employees from Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire picketed across New England. Union workers authorized and announced action thursday night.

FairPoint has been negotiating contracts with union representatives since April of this year. The contract that is being imposed by the company freezes pensions, raises health care costs, and allows the hiring of out-of-state foreign contractors.

It also eliminates retiree health care benefits for current workers and would require workers to share some health care costs.
Fairness at Fairpoint met with Fairpoint company representatives on Thursday to discuss a new contract. They said that the company "refuses to compromise."   

"The company is not willing to negotiate on anything, so we felt that we've exhausted all of our options and this company has no interest in reaching an agreement. They've really backed us into a corner. We have no choice but to strike," said Jenn Nappi, assistant business manager

Since emerging from bankruptcy in 2011 fairpoint has struggled to become profitable and the workers are the ones suffering. 

FairPoint spokeswomen, Angelynne Beaudry says that she is "disappointed" in the workers decision to strike but assures that the company will continue to provide service to their customers.