Planning for School Budget

st.j schoolboardSt. Johnsbury -- Although the St. Johnsbury school board have difficulties getting the community to pass this year's budget, the school board starts thinking about their fiscal budget for 2016. The board discussed the school finance strategies on Monday night.

 Three goals for next year's budget were mentioned in the meeting, which consit of a better community outreach, having a revisal of the prekindergarten through eighth grade budget process and creating a budget reserve.

Last year, the school board did not start planning on the budget until early December. Superintendent Ranny Bledsoe of St. Johnsbury school district said starting the plan of 2016 fiscal budget earlier is good to work harder on community outreach, get the budget information out and develop the local support.

"We should know a lot better on what we are with this year's budget this month." Bledsoe said.

In order to pass next year's budget, the school board is getting a head start to assure that they eliminate possible budget problems.

Bledsoe said, "I learned a great deal last year about the challenges of our town -- the kind of work we need to do to pass a budget in a tough year. There is a lot of state and local concerns about taxes, but we are not planning for history to repeat itself."

"We want to support all our students in town." said Bledsoe.