The Fourteenth Star Shines Bright

latin motto ST. JOHNSBURY- "Stella Quarta Decima Fulgeat," or "The Fourteenth Star Shines Bright," may soon be the official Latin motto for the Green Mountain State. This comes after Angela Kubicke, a ninth grader from St. Johnsbury Academy proposed the idea of Vermont adopting a Latin motto.

The idea sparked when Kubicke was working with her mentor, Roy Starling, a teacher from the Riverside Day School. Starling showed her a coin that Colonial Vermont minted, and reads, "Stella Quarta Decima." Kubicke added the word "Fulgeat." The motto was made to honor Vermont being the Fourteenth colony. 

Kubicke came up with this idea last year while studying Latin, but it faced scrutiny from Vermonters all over social media. Comments such as "The next motto we'll add is an arabic one," and " We're not Latin's go back to Mexico," were made in regards to the proposed motto. 

After her proposal was heavily criticized, Representative Joe Benning decided that he would make a bill on Kubicke's behalf so the state of Vermont could have a Latin motto, alongside its English one. 

Last week, Kubicke went to Montpelier to testify in front of the Senate in regards to the addition of her Latin Motto. On Tuesday, the bill was read in front of the senate three times before being passed. It has been sent to the House, and is awaiting approval.