Keith Taylor Sentenced

taylorjailST. JOHNSBURY - Keith Taylor of Waterford, VT pleaded guilty yesterday afternoon to all charges including child cruelty. Taylor took the plea deal from the prosecution, which means he will be serving 60 days in prison and have home confinement for 6 months.



The deal comes around 2 months after police said he left a 1.5 year old child home alone in his bedroom with an active electric heater.

Officials also said during the time he left the child home alone, he was stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol.

State Police said even further investigation revealed there was an assault that occurred in December of 2014.

Even with this plea deal complete, the mother of the child still has her concerns about Keith Taylor.

"I have gone through all of the precautions as far as creating a safe home. I don't trust him, I know how he works", said Megan Taylor, "He knows how to manipulate the system."

If Keith Taylor returns to court, there will be severe consequences.

Judge Robert Bent said, "If you come back here, you better hope you don't see my face."

If Taylor gets in trouble with the law during his 6 months of home confinement, he could face anywhere from 8 months to 7 years in prison.