Not Your Average Petting Zoo

orchestral edited-1BARNET - The Vermont Symphony Orchestra Petting Zoo stopped by the Barnet School Friday morning, but this isn't your ordinary petting zoo. Kids in all grades got to learn about the history of instruments and play them as well.

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Warm Weather Leads to Early Fishing

fishingAround the NEK- "There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman, theres always a new place, always a new horizon," said Former Professional Golfer Jack Nicklaus. Thanks in part to an early spring and warm temperatures, local fisherman can begin to expand their horizon.

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Education Granted for Catamount Arts

Catamount ArtsST. JOHNSURY- Julie Taymor once said, "there is an incredible power in the arts to inspire and influence." At Catamount Arts, that's just what's happening thanks to a generous donation from an invested community member.

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Building Benches, Breaking the Mold

St J Academy Woodworking doorST. JOHNSBURY- In a generation with kids glued to their electronic devices, a Saint Johnsbury Academy teacher is trying to break the mold in an attempt to have them glued to something else.

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Vermont Unveils New Hunting Regulations

huntORLEANS- The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department held a mandated meeting for hunters to discuss last year’s hunting season. Experts were also there to speak about what to expect for the upcoming hunting season.

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Gerber Recalls Pouch Products

gerber thumbnailAROUND THE NEK - Gerber Products Company has issued a voluntary recall for their "Organic 2ND Food Pouches" following a packaging defect that increases the risk of spoilage.
According to the company, four specific variteies are being recalled.

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Read Across Peacham

ReadAcross PeachamPEACHAM- National Reading day may have already come and gone, but students at Peacham Elementary still celebrated their love for literature as they participated in Read Across Peacham.

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Music In The Woods

hhhhhhhPEACHAM- Music is something everyone has a taste for but Alan Greenleaf has a special taste for a special type of music. Even though he lives in solitude he does not keep quiet. Greenleaf uses solar power for most of his electricity and find comfort at the neck of his guitar. 

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The Last Honor System

Waterford Libz

WATERFORD- The honor system isn't something we see too much of in this day and age. One local library is the last of its kind to try to keep this system alive.The Davies Memorial Library was established in 1896 and is the last public library in the state to run its operations on the honor system.

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Effects of Police Officer Shortages

cop lightsNortheast Kingdom- One of the biggest affects of the current economic state is a lack of police presence, and the Lyndonville Police Department (LPD) is feeling the full effects.

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Obama in Cuba

obamaincubaAROUND THE NEK- For the first time in 88 years, a sitting United States president has gone to Cuba.

President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro met for a historic meeting on Monday to discuss ending the embargo between the United States and Cuba.

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Girls in Sports

girlsinsportsCRAFTSBURY- More than 80 girls had the opportunity to meet members of the U.S. National ski team this weekend. The event was held at Craftsbury Outdoors Center to talk about women in sports.

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An Uncommon Threat to Trees

HWANortheast Kingdom- The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) was discovered in western North America in 1924. Since then, HWA has moved along the east coast of the United States and spread to the Northeast Kingdom. Unfortunately, the mild winter may cause an increase of HWA.

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Vermont Health Near The Top


Around the Northeast Kingdom - Two studies released show details of how healthy the Green Mountain State actually is. According to the United Health Foundation, Vermont is the second healthiest state, Hawaii was the healthiest. A Wisconsin Study just came out with details that the healthiest place in the Green Mountain state is Chittenden County. The least healthiest county is Orleans.

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Vermont State Police Crime Unit Making Waves

VTPoliceAround the Northeast Kingdom- With two high profile murder cases in the Northeast Kingdom, the Vermont State Police now have a department in charge of handing these kinds of cases. The group is called the Major Crimes Unit.

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Solaflect Saving Money

solarpicAROUND THE NEK- According to Green Mountain Power, incentives gained from connecting to the power grid could be quite substantial.

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Tri-Union Seafood Recall

chicken seaAROUND THE NEK- Tri-Union Seafood’s has issued a precautionary recall on some of their canned tuna products. Earlier today Bumble Bee brand was also issued a recall for some of their canned tunas.


The products specific to the recall include; the Chicken of the Sea brand canned chunk light tuna in oil and the canned chuck light tuna in water.

According to the FDA this recall was initiated due to an equipment malfunction, which may have caused the products to be undercooked.

There has been no reported illnesses connected with the affected products Tri- Union Seafood’s is issuing the recall to ensure the highest level of safety and quality.

“The health and safety of our customers is our number one priority,” says Shue Wing Chan, president of Tri-Union Seafoods. “As soon as we discovered the issue we took immediate steps to initiate this voluntary recall, alerting our retail customers that received the product and instructed them to remove it from the shelves.”

No other cans by Chicken of the Sea are affected by this recall.

The FDA says consumers may return the product to the store where they purchased it for a full refund.

Bumble Bee Recalls Tuna

bumble beeAROUND THE NEK- Bumble Bee Foods announced they are voluntarily recalling canned Chunk Light tuna due to "process deviations." At this time, no reports of illnesses have been filed.

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Population Comparison

PopComparisonAROUND THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM- St. Johnsbury and Lyndon are the two biggest towns in Caledonia County. Together they make up about 43%, according to the Vermont 2012 Economic Demographic Profile Series. While the towns have battled it out on the football field for the last 120 years, that is not the only way they are competing. 

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Vermont Farmer Raises Alpacas

alpaca editedEAST ALBANY-The farming industry has never been an easy one, and that's why more farmers, like John and Jane Nielsen who own the Log Cabin Farm in East Albany, are finding unique ways to make extra money.  

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Flood Awareness Week

FloodsignNORTHEAST KINGDOM- After the recent flooding, now is the time to get yourself educated so you don’t get caught in a situation that could cost you your life.  This week the National Weather Service in Burlington is holding their annual flood awareness week, which is a week meant to educate people on the threat of flooding here in the Northeast.

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New Beginnings For East St J Farm

farm1NORTHEAST KINGDOM- The history of Vermont is rooted in it's farms and scenic lands. Thanks to The Vermont Land Trust, the preservation of this historic state has become easier.

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Big Weekend for Veterans

veteranssummitVERMONT - Tomorrow and Sunday will be a big day for veterans around and out of the area. Two local events will take place tomorrow to bring veterans, their families, and service organizations together to interact and build connections with one another.

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Saving The Bees

BumbleBeeAround The Northeast Kingdom- For years, the population of bees has been on the decline.  Now the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is trying to fix it.

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Nestle USA Announces Recalls

11AROUND THE NEK- Several consumers report finding small pieces of glass in their food has resulted in a voluntary recall by Nestle USA. No injuries have been reported, but Nestle USA says they believe the source of glass is from the spinach in DiGiorno, Lean Cuisine, and Stouffer's products.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Toy Swap

One local group taking donations to cloth the needy.


School Music Wall

6th graders are asking for community donations of pots and pans so they can build a music wall for all students in the school to use on the playground.


Village Donations

The Village sports store donated some cleats to Lyndon Institute