FairPoint Agreement

FairpointAROUND THE NEK -FairPoint Communications and union workers have finally come to an agreement on wages and benefits. The agreement comes after 4 months of unrest between FairPoint and its employees.

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Brewing Brothers

schillingLITTLETON, NH- Schilling Beer Company in Littleton N.H. is doing very well for itself, after being open for only two years. The family run business is a dream come true to brothers Matt, Jeff, and Stuart Cozzens.

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Lyndon Rescue

lyndon rescuepsdLYNDONVILLE - With town meeting day just around the corner, Lyndon Rescue is asking the towns they provide with emergency service, for more money. The service has been around since 1972 and serves parts of the Northeast Kingdom as a full time ambulance service.

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High Winds Means No Fun

qburkeclosedBURKE - Due to high winds, Q Burke Mountain was forced to close down a portion of the mountain today, including one of their chair lifts. With gusts reaching as high as 41 miles per hour and a consistent wind from the west, Q Burke officials felt it was obligated.

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New Sport Comes to Town

sled hockey

LYNDONVILLE -A game created in the 1960's found it's way to Lyndonville this past weekend. Sled Hockey, which was born in Sweden at a rehabilitation center, provides those who are physically injured an opportunity to continue to play hockey.

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Farm to School

farm to schoolPeacham - Peacham Elementary was one of the recipients of the Farm to School Implementation grant.The Farm to School Grant works to improve nutrition of vermonters by providing an easier way to get nutritious foods to the students.


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BMU Senior's Feel for Radio

jongardner11WELLS RIVER- The WYKR radio station has been working with Blue Mountain Senior Jon Gardner on his senior exit project. Although there have been students involved with the station before, Gardner has to work a little differently than most.

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RadioShack Closes Its Doors

radioshackAROUND THE NEK - A key figure in the electronics market will soon be a distant memory. After ninety five years, RadioShack has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy. 

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Being Your Own Boss

self employmentAROUND THE NEK- According to the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, Vermont is home to nearly 80 thousand small businesses.  Meaning most of the 96 percent of the states workforce are their own bosses. 

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40 Years in the Making

ncicST. JOHNSBURY- The Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC) was formed 40 years ago, and today, they celebrated.




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Young Adults Unhappy with Public Transit

ThumbnailTemplate copy copyAROUND THE NEK -- Young adults in Vermont are unhappy with the state's public transportation according to the latest report. The Vermont Transportation Board released the report in January 2014

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Closing of Radio Shack

radio shack finalAROUND THE NEK-- Last night Radio Shack declared bankruptcy and announced it will be closing about half of their stores. The news came after the company made a deal with General Wireless Inc. to buy about 1,500 to 2,400 of their 4,000 U.S. stores.

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St. Johnsbury Development

phil scottAROUND THE NEK - Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott spoke at the annual Saint Johnsbury Development Fund about issues facing the economic development in the region. Scott talked about taxes, the cost of education, and how to keep the working class.


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Peacham Ice Rink

Peacham Rink ThumbnailPEACHAM- The Peacham Elementary School was recently able to turn their outdoor basketball court into an ice skating rink, thanks to the help of the "Parents, Teachers, and Friends" Organization. By doing so, students at Peacham Elementary are now able to skate during their recess time.


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Warming Shelter

imagesST. JOHNSBURY- Community meetings will be held this week to help decide whether a warming shelter is right for the town of St. Johnsbuy. 


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School Closings 12/9

plow truckAROUND THE NEK - With a storm warning in effect and more inclement weather on the way, schools in the area are beginning to shut their doors.


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A Magical Ride

LYNDON- This weekend children got the chance to climb in-between the pages of a beloved children’s story, as they road the Lyndon Polar Express.

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Dashing Through The Snow

santarunNEWPORTSanta had a run for his money in Newport this year, with over eighty individuals participating in the second annual Santa Run.

Phil White is one of the coordinators for the run, he said "last year a group of us decided to add a little bee to the celebration of Christmas in downtown newport. So we organize a santa run and a Santa parade, and it was a lot of fun so we decided to do it again."

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Security for your Property

security finalAROUND THE NEK- How safe do you feel in your home or business? With over two million homes and businesses being broken into just last year, how much safer is your property with a security system?

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Underage Drinking, Not a Minor Problem

UNDERAGE DRINKING NORTH EAST KINGDOM- In a rural area such as the North East Kingdom, many young people complain about not having enough fun activities to distract them from the monotony of their everyday lives. This boredom unfortunately is often the cause for underage drinking.

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Christmas Business in the Kingdom

xmas treesBARTON - 34 years ago, Bill Asack, owner of Asack and Son Christmas Tree Farm, moved to Vermont and started a small scale christmas tree operation to support his family.


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Sutton School Back to Normal?

sutton schoolSUTTON - According to a school official, things are back to normal at the Sutton School after a quarter of the students did not attend school Monday after an alleged assault by the Principal.

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Convicted Killer Denied Retrial

allen prueST. JOHNSBURY- The convicted killer in the Melissa Jenkins murder case, Allen Prue, has been denied a new trial.


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More Problems for FairPoint

fairpoint communications2NORTHEAST KINGDOM- The largest network in Northern New England is under investigation after almost 400 complaints have been brought to the state's attention since September.


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Hazardous Heating

house heating dangersAROUND THE NEK - With another long Vermont winter underway, it's that time of year to heat your home. But, if you're not cautious you could be creating some deadly dangers.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Sutton School Flood Prevention

The Sutton Town School is planning to implement flood protection before Spring starts to hit.


Today is Northeast Kingdom Day, learn what it's all about!

Hunting Discussion

Hunters from around the area met to discuss expectations and reporters for present and future hunting seasons.