Newspapers Creating Education

newspapersAround the NEK - Since the beginning of reporting, newspapers have been the one constant source of information, even to this day,  communities rely on newspapers to provide up to date information.

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News Website Sues State Over EB-5

vt2The EB-5 saga continues in Vermont as one news website is suing the State.

Vermont Digger is claiming the state wrongly denied access to seven days worth of communication that happened in August. The documents that VT Digger are asking for are allegedly between The Agency of Commerce, Community Development, and The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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A Community Rebounding

death by sportsAround the NEK - Death has never and may never be something easy to deal with. Everyone copes in their own way and the reality of losing someone can effect people in different ways.

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Future Of Higher Education

Fees must fallHigher education has become a very common day to day topic of discussion, especially amongst the millennial generation. When we look back at the older generation, we cannot even compare the cost of schools from then and today because of the huge gap difference.


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Stock Market Understanding

stock market beatAROUND THE NEK – Yesterday’s stock market numbers increased for some companies, but does that mean it’s time for you to invest? According to Edward Jones Financial Advisor in Lyndonville Joseph LeClair, there’s an expanding middle class across the globe, including countries like China and India.


“It’s always a good time to invest.” LeClair has worked at Edward Jones for about ten years at this point, and believes in being balanced. For example, it’s not smart to put all of your investment into one stock or industry. Creating a diverse portfolio is important because if all your investment is in one area and that area’s value goes down, so will your profits.

It’s important to understand that a diverse portfolio can be for new or veteran stockholders. LeClair said it’s all about how comfortable individuals are with safe or risky investments. Safe exposure includes investments such as treasury bonds or CD’s (certificate of deposits) that can start as low as fifty dollars.

LeClair also discussed how technology has created a quicker work flow in the field as compared to when he first started at Edward Jones. An increase in technology causes the market to react faster. With a faster moving market Gabe Lambie, New Hampshire Native, believes it can be overwhelming. Even with the availability of information to stockholders or financial advisors, Lambie said, “I usually don’t check the stock market very much. I have applications to warn me once a price goes below or over an expected amount.”

Lambie first got involved in the stock market when he heard people talking about t crashing. “I don’t think easily influenced people should be involved, as the tides of the market tend to overwhelm them when decisions need to be made.” This is extremely important because if an investor looks at the day to day picture, then it’s possible to miss the large growth that’s occurring within a group.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 are different beasts than individual stocks. DJIA and S&P 500 consist of multiple big corporations that have their own individual stock change individually that impact the DJIA and S&P 500 as a whole. An example is the DJIA could have a net change -21.32 in one day. However, one individual company could have a net change 50.41 on the day. Paying attention to the market as a whole is still important to understand and interpret, but make an individual panic if there’s no reason to worry.

A Taste Of Korea

NORTHKOREAUSETHISONERUTLAND - According to the Pentagon, last Saturday North Korea test fired yet another ballistic missile. Although it was reported to be a failed launch, international tensions between the United States and North Korea are on the rise. We took a look back in history through the eyes of a Korean War hero to see what we could learn from history.

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Lowe's Helps Littleton

LITTLETONLITTLETON, NH- The Littleton Information Booth is getting an upgrade from the Lowes' hometown Hero Project.



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New Bike Lane in Burke

BURKE BIKE LANEBURKE - Due to safety concerns, the town of Burke and Kingdom Trails are working together to bring in funding for a new bike lane on East Darling Hill Road. The lane plans are already underway and the owner is happy his customers will be safer.

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Beaver Problems in Harvey Lake

AROUND THE NEK - Barnet has been reducing the water level of Harvey Lake slowly but surely. The process, however, hasn't been the easiest for the town. One local animal has been making the process rather difficult: the beaver.

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Healthcare Changes

NVRHhealthcareST. JOHNSBURY - Changes may be coming to health care policies in Vermont after nearly two years of negotiations.

The federal government has approved an “all-payer waiver” which will change the way healthcare providers are reimbursed.

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Indigenous Peoples' Day

indigenous dayAROUND THE NEK - A holiday that has been nationally recognized for 79 years has come to an end in Vermont.

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Unified We Stand: LSC and JSC Will Fall

1unificaitonVERMONT - The Vermont State College Board of Trustees has approved Chancellor Jeb Spaulding's proposal to unify Lyndon and Johnson Thursday at their retreat at Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee.

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Homework or No Homework?

NO HOMEWORKAROUND THE NEK - No homework for the rest of the year— for some, that may sound like a dream come true, but other schools in the Green Mountain State are saying 'no thank you.'


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Archery Season

AArchery SeasonROUND THE NEK - Expect a little more action in the woods this weekend, because Saturday marks the first day of Vermont’s archery season.

The season is for white-tailed deer and according to Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife’s website, Vermont is the leading state in hunting bucks per square mile then any other New England State. Hunting deer is the favorite among Vermont's 65,000 hunters.


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RCT Recieves Grant

RCTNORTHEAST KINGDOM - With the help of a projected 50 thousand dollar grant, the Rural Community Transit is making strides to improve accessibility to commuters. With the business of a community transit constantly picking up, the grant coming in from the United States Department of Agriculture will help riders and bus drivers connect easier.

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Newbury Fire

NEWBURY- One family learned just how quickly their luck could change. Over the weekend, the Craig residence in Newbury lost their home to a house fire.

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Get Out the Vote

GetOuttheVOTEAROUND THE NEK – As we all know, this year is a Presidential Election year but it is also time for the next local and state government races to be determined. In Vermont, early voting for the 2016 general election began on Friday, September 23rd.

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Buy, Buy, Buy? Sell, Sell, Sell?

real restateAROUND THE NEK – Put the piggy bank back on the top shelf because you might want to wait a couple months before you think about buying property or selling your place. The market is expected to slow down as winter is steadily approaching.

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Fall Festivities

Colors of the KingdomAROUND THE NEK - Fall in Vermont means apple cider donuts, sweaters, leaf peeping, and festivals galore. The Northeast Kingdom has gotten a start in all of these categories — especially the festivities.

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Phat Kats Closing

phatkatsLYNDONVILLE - The local bar scene in Lyndon is now about to completely be lost. Phat Kats Tavern will be closing their doors on October 14th due to increases in insurance rates. The rates became more expensive than they thought, due to a local insurance company being bought out by a larger corporate company.

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Counterfeit Money

counterfeit billsAROUND THE NEK - A court date has been set for a man who was found using counterfeit bills at the Saint Johnsbury Family Dollar on Railroad Street. Our reporter Alex Paduch, who died in a fatal car accident early Tuesday morning, covered a story on different ways to catch a counterfeit bill - one of his last stories, for our news station.

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AG Candidates Talk Issues in Johnson

AG DEBATE THUMBJOHNSON - Two candidates are battling for the title of Vermont’s Attorney General.  On September 15, Republican candidate and St. Johnsbury local Deborah Bucknam and TJ Donovan of Burlington for the Democratic party, met at Johnson State College for a debate over the issues.


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Apple Season

Apple thumbAROUND THE NEK - During fall, leaves aren't the only thing to drop to the ground, apples are starting to as well!

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Plans for Barnet School

BarnetschoolplansBARNET - The Caledonia County Supervisory Union is coming up with a way to be more accordance with Act 46, as well as hopes to increase reading percentiles in third grade students.

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EB-5 Investors Face Hardships Amidst Hotel Opening

ribbon thumbBURKE — Governor Shumlin made an appearance Thursday at Burke Mountain for the official ribbon cutting of the long awaited hotel. In Shumlin’s long list of thanks some people felt left out and cheated.


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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


Teacher Appreciation Week
It is Teacher Appreciation, which means it's time for students to thank their teachers for all of the lessons in and out of the classroom that are taught by our masters of education.

Too Many To Stand Under The Umbrella
Due to a false capacity sign at the St. Johnsbury Welcome Center, the Umbrella Organization bit off a little more than they could chew with their first annual Spring Gala.

Preparing for Prom
It's officially prom season here in the Northeast Kingdom, and Hope is looking to outfit local ladies with the dresses to bring the house down.