Snow Covered Fire Hydrants

Fire HydrantLYNDON- Every winter season the Lyndonville Fire Department has to deal with fire hydrants being cover in snow. Having these cleaned off can benefit the department in a significant way.

Having fire hydrants cleaned off really helps the firefighters and saves them time. "The most important factor is that if the fire department has to come up on scene to a working fire and needs that hydrant in a rapid manner we're going to spend anywhere between three to four minutes taking time out of our initial attack to clear that hydrant." Said Fire Lieutenant Patrick McLaughlin.


"We want to be able to connect to a hydrant or at least set up a tanker system to get water back to the trucks as fast as we can because we need water to put the fires out."

There have been several instances where firefighters have had to dig out hydrants when out on a fire and it made the scene more difficult for them to handle. To prevent this from happening the department reaches out to the public for their assistance.

"We try, we put a couple social media blast out every now and then showing the importance and kind of what you can do. We like to see a 3-foot front and backside all around our hydrants." McLaughlin continued.