Peacham Residents Vote on ACT46

ACT 46 PEACHAM - The Peacham residents took the polls voted on ACT 46 yesterday form 7am to 7pm, which is make a decision to remain an independent school district.



Their has 181 people voted in town office yesterday, 170 of them voted to remain an independent school district within a supervisory union that includes the Caledonia Cooperative UUSD, Caledonia Cooperative Union School District will be made up of the following school districts: Barnet, Walden and Waterford. Also Peacham will remain a single town K-12 school district operating and managing a school offering instruction Grades pre-kindergarten through grade six and paying tuition for students Grades seven through twelve.

Town Clerk Thomas Galinat:" I think we anticipated this, yes, the school board did an excellent job portraying what they felt was the best for Peacham, and for the residents, and the students at the school."

The reason behind the town's conclusion includes the power to control costs locally while benefitting from improved resource sharing at the supervisory union level, the ability to maintain a strong voice in decision making, without the danger of school's safe being decided by others. And the retainment of school choice for student in grades 7 to 12. If  the ballot cannot pass, the State Board of Education would decide fate in regards to supervisory Union placement, and they would has less oppourtunity to reduce the budget costs.

Thomas Galinat said:"they think this idea they really push for all the options and they real came down this suppose to best for everybody,and they put that out of their multiple ways, republications and town meetings,  they had open farms. so it seems a good idea for the whole town came to."

It is also believed that the vote will enhance partnership with surrounding schools without merging with them.

The other towns within Peachem's supervisory union include barnet, walden, waterford and likely Danville.

Residents in Peacham Voted on ACT 46 from NewsLINC on Vimeo.