Sutton School Sign

Sutton School Sign 2018-02-14 at 7.49.33 PMSUTTON- At Sutton's town meeting this year, one thing that will be voted on is the school's sign, as the school was recently informed that their current sign is about a square foot too large. The Sutton School is seekingto make its school sign smaller.

The sign was originally created because the school didn't have a sign on their property. They had built the sign so that people wouldn't miss the school while driving by it. This had been difficult for emergency vehicles that werent familiar with the town because they didnt know where the school was.

Principal Kenneth Haynes said, "When we developed and produced the sign, we wanted to make it as big as we could get it so that if there's ever a problem at the school here, the ambulence, the fire departments, the police departments can find Sutton."

Principal Kenneth Haynes has been working at Sutton School for about 20-30 years . When he had to go to the school for the first time he had drove past the school two to three times. He had made note that the school clearly needed a sign so that people would know that it was there. 

Haynes said, "There's a lot of state troopers that live outside of the area, so if we have the sign and they go by the school they know it's the school."

Originally they had wanted to make the sign big enough for people to see it. They had made it to be five feet in diameter. The town had intentionally made a new zoning law just to accomadate to the schools sign even though the sign had been too big for the zoning requirements. Now the school will have a vote on making the school sign smaller. However, Haynes is uncertain on if they will be able to vote for it on Town Meeting Day. 

Also on Town Meeting Day, the town will vote on the town budget but they won't be voting on the school budget. Now that the state of Vermont has the Act 46 law in place, towns will be limited as to whether or not they can have votes on school budgets on Town Meeting Day. Now that schools have individual budgets they will do these votes separately. In the town of Sutton, Sutton School will be a part of the Kingdom East budget that takes place on July 1st, 2018. 


S- SUTTON SCHOOL from NewsLINC on Vimeo.