School Choice and Act 46

Peacham SchoolPEACHAM - While schools in the Caledonia area continue to consolidate their school districts under Act 46, there are a few that remain independent. One of these schools is the Peacham K-6 school district, which has been able to maintain its independence by working alongside the unified districts of Barnet, Walden and Waterford.

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Constructing Roads While Deconstructing Stereotypes

men at work HARDWICK— Sara Skinner works as a Traffic Coordinator for Pike Industries, and is an example of how gender stereotypes within certain professions aren't how we may perceive them. "I think it's more seen and known that women are out here," she said.

Her every-day job is all about managing people. "You basically take care of the flaggers. You make sure we have enough flaggers each day. You put up all your sign packages. You put out any of your milling packages anything like that, any of these beautiful orange signs you see—that's me."

Currently, Skinner is working on a project on Route 15 between Danville and Hardwick.

However, it is not unusual for Skinner to do other things on a site. "Last season I ran roller behind a paving crew. I've run the brooms. I've run the skid steers. It just depends on what needs to be done and learning it."

Skinner started to learn to be a Traffic Coordinator last year in a program called On the Job Training.

"A lot of people come into the OTJ and are like, 'this isn't what I thought it was'," said Skinner. "You work the same hours as a Traffic Coordinator, you are on the job doing the same things they are."

According to Skinner, it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, just that you do your job well.

"I think if people say they're being treated differently, its because they're not doing their job."

Skinner says the most important thing at the end of the day is that she is proud of what she does.


Men at Work? from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

Sheffield Power Outages

sheffieldmeeting SHEFFIELD - During Wednesday's Select Board meeting, members of the Sheffield Select Board discussed the impact the town received from the devastatings storms that occured this past weekend. 

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Children's Health Insurance Program

LYNDONVILLE – During Congress’s latest attempt at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act they failed to reauthorize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).CHIP covers nearly nine million children nation wide.

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Small Town Crime

harveyslakevndalismBARNET- The town of Barnet has been one of the most quiet, small, and tight knit communities in the Northeast Kingdom. That has changed within the past few weeks.

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Abenaki Dance at Brookview

ThumbnailTemplateDONOTSAVEOVER copy 2-5BARNET- The Brookview R and R owned by Crystal Zevon issuing turned into a culture center for the local indigenous people of Vermont. Classes ranging from basket making, to learning how to track, to even making bows and arrows are being held on the weekends inviting people from all around the state to teach.

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Working On A Dream

johnBARNET- In the Northeast Kingdom, you might not come across many recording studios. However, Dreamery Productions is one recording studio with an interesting story.

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Benning's Bill

LYNDONVILLE – Following the teachers’ strike in Burlington and teachers coming close to striking in South Burlington, Senator Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, is proposing an education bill for the upcoming legislative session.

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Federal Tariff in Vermont

There is a proposed Federal tariff on the import of PV panels that the Federal Trade Commission might impose next year.

PV panels, also known as solar photovoltaic, are an application of solar power used. It is common to see PV panels on roofs. The electrical charge from the sun's energy creates an electrical charge of the PV panel, which creates electricity that powers homes.

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Preparations for Columbus Day

Columbus Day ThumbnailBURKE- Indigenous People’s Day Weekend is one of the most busiest weekends for Kingdom Trails. 




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Wheelock Revitilization

wheelockWHEELOCK - A small Vermont town has received a state grant for a revitilization project. With this project the town hopes to bring the community together.

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Good Enough for Learning

peacham fall foliage 2k17PEACHAM- On Thursday, Peacham held it's fall foliage festival around town.

Right next to the Town Hall is the Ashbel Goodenough Blacksmith Shop.

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A 'Fresh' Look for Barnet Utility Lines

powerlineBARNET- Utility lines in Barnet are about to get some much needed work done on them in the next couple of months. Fairpoint Communications and Green Mountain Power are looking to reconstruct about a mile of utility lines along Kitchel Hill Road in Barnet, Vermont.

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Multicultural Community Day

LYNDONVILLE - October first marked the day of the Lyndon Institute Multicultural Fun Day, and festivities were a plenty. With a large variety of games and events ranging from inflatable obstacle courses to informational exhibits on different cultures around the world, the event was a big community hit.

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Fall Foliage Bike Ride

GROTON- As the weather becomes more chilly some people are going and biking on the Cross Vermont Trails. In honor of National Bike your Park Day, Saturday was the 20th annual Fall Foliage Bike Ride. The event was originally put on to get more people to use the trail for biking or walking. The ride in Vermont Started in the Groton State forest and went until the Wells River Conservation area.

“We actually ride on this trail because well maintained and super easy to ride”

says Mary Durfee. Fall foliage bike rides are popular around the country, at least in the states that experience the changing of the colors. Virginia has a bike ride through the Shenandoah Valley late October. The Section of the trail from Groton to Wells River actually has some interesting history to it and the the chair of the conservation commission and board member of the Cross Vermont Trail association Michael Thomas had some knowledge about the trail.

“The Rail-bed was given up in 1956 and the stipulations were that it would be used for recreation, in 1956 we didn’t have the mountain bikes or the snowmobiles so someone was really planning ahead”

This event is a yearly occurrence but you can use the trail whenever you want, on a bike, horse, or just your feet this trail is well kept and family friendly.      

New Brand Met With Praise

nvu brandFAIRLEE— Thursday marked the one year anniversary of the Vermont State College Board of Trustees decision to merge Lyndon and Johnson State College's into Northern Vermont University.

"The last year has been quite momentous for both Lyndon and Johnson," said Jeb Spaulding, Chancellor of the VSC Board of Trustees.

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Barre Stand Down

The Barre area Veteran Council is holding the first stand down in a few years in the state of Vermont Saturday the 30th. The stand down is a way to help veterans in need and their families by providing some essentials like clean clothes, haircuts, showers, and could also help them get into any programs they may need to have a better life. It has been a couple years since the last stand down was held in Vermont. 


"There hasn't been a stand down in a couple years because not enough groups were involved"


said St. Johnsbury American Legion worker Andrea Taylor. This year more groups got together to make this happen like the Disabled American veterans, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Elks Club, Sons of the Civil War. Thanks to more of these groups pitching in to this stand down there is hope for have more stand downs in the future and having them more frequently. 


"This will be a base marker for the future to see just how much help the state needs."


Transportation for this event will be provided for people who need it. According WCAX pick up points will be all around the state in: 


-St. Johnsbury 




-White River Junction





In order to get into the stand down and benefit from it you must show some type of identification like a military I.D. or a DD214. The stand down will run from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Barre City Auditorium which is located at 18 Seminary street.

A First For Lyndon In 150

ThumbnailTemplate LYNDON - Lyndon Institute has been celebrating their one hundred and fifty year anniversary, but this school year they have something else to celebrate.

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The Last Burke Payment

BurkeBURKE- Contractors who built the Burke Mountain Resort were set to receive the final payments for the project last night. 


In April of 2016, Ariel Quiros and his former business partner Bill Stenger were accused by the federal Securities and Exchange Commission and the Vermont Attorney General of misusing over two hundred million dollars through the E-B 5 Foreign Visa Program. 



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The International Influence

internationalAROUND THE NEK - In the Northeast Kingdom there lies a rich history of private institutions like that of Saint Johnsbury Academy, Lyndon Institute and The Danville School. One of the rich histories for those schools is the influence of international students.

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Fall Stewardship Day at the Barnet School

downloadBARNET— Students and faculty from the Barnet Elementary School took part in a semi annual “Fall Stewardship Day” on their campus located on Kid Row off of exit 18. 

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Outdoor Fun at the Farm

jakes dayPASSUMPSIC - An opportunity for kids to learn and play was the focus of Jakes day at the Bunnell Farm in Passumpsic.

Juniors acquiring knowledge, ethics, and sportsmanship, or JAKES, is an event that is designed to help build knowledge and awareness of the outdoors and outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.


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Fall Foliage Season in the NEK

fall foliageAROUND THE NEK - Without question, fall foliage season is one of the most important tourist seasons in the Green Mountain State. But the weather can often times play a factor in how vibrant the colors on the trees will be.

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Granite State Power Link Proposal

Granite State PowerNORTH EAST KINGDOM- The Granite State Power Link is making a power line that is set to transfer 1,200 megawatts of hydro-electric power from Canada all the way through New England. The Vermont portion of the power line is expected to run through eight towns in the North East Kingdom. 

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Barnet Teacher Wins Award

Barnet Gym Teacher GoodBarnet- A local physical education teacher will be heading down to Killington Resort in October to receive recognition after winning the S.H.A.P.E. (Society of Health and Physical Educators) Vermont Elementary Physical Educator of the Year Award. 

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