Vermont Goes Green

go greenThe Northeast Kingdom- Dr. Janel Hanrahan, an associative professor of Atmospheric Sciences said that we know humans are the cause of climate change, and that we have the power to stop it. So local governments, business, and companies are taking noticing and working hard to keep vermont known as the "Green mountain State".  

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Breakout Bakery

breakout picSt. Johnsbury- Darryll rudy and Barbara Edelman have been in town for over a year, putting in everything they have to make food worx enterprises break out bakery come to life. "you know what, i am 75 years old and this is it for me. This is where my heart is and come hell or high water, we are going ot make this happen", said rudy, food Worx' executive director.

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Climate Change Threatens Vermonts Sweetest Industry

Climate changeThe Northeast Kingdom- The maple tapping industry is at risk due to man made climate change, and that could be mean a loss of millions of dollars for Vermont's economy. Right now, according to the University of Vermont's center for rural studies the maple tapping industry brings in between 317 and 330 million dollars in sales to the state per year.

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Vermonts 1st World Cubing Association Competition

cubing picEast Burke- On Saturday, Burke Mountain hosted Vermont's first ever world cubing association competition. The event had well over 80 participants from over 5 countries. According to the World Cubing Associations website, "The World Cube Association governs competitions for mechanical puzzles that are operated by twisting groups of pieces, commonly known as 'twisty puzzles'.

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A Green Industry

green industryNORTHEAST KINGDOM- The cannabis industry has made a lot of headway in the past several years. The two most common derivatives of the cannabis plant are THC and CBD. Though THC has not been federally legalized yet, CBD was made federally legal in December of 2018. This leaves room for further research about the medicinal qualities and applications of CBD as well as the opportunities for growers, processors, and retailers.

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A Tax Many Wouldn't Be Able to Afford

carbon taxNORTHEAST KINGDOM- It is no secret that heating homes with oil in Vermont is very costly, especially with such long and brutal winters. Here in the Northeast Kingdom, many homeowners are feeling the effects of an already high price of home heating oil. In 2016, a tax was put on home heating oil and propane which raised the cost about two cents per gallon.

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Maura Murray's 37th Birthday

murrayNorth Haverhill, NH- On Saturday May 4th, Fred Murray, friends, and supporters of his missing daughters case released doves in her honor at the spot where Maura went missing 15 years ago. Saturday marks Maura's 37th birthday, she was a 21 year old Nursing student, she was very athletic, and loved to hike with her father. To this day, the reasons why Maura was heading north on route 112 the night she went missing is still unknown.

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KILOS For Pounds

bradLyndonville-Brad Collins turned to social media last month to put his beard at risk in support for the Lyndonville Dog pound

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Cold Water Safety

Cold Water SafetyLYNDONVILLE- With all of the nice weather that has graced the region over the past few days, has led many outdoor enthusiasts to come out of hibernation. However, those who are eager to get out on the water, may want to take some precautions first.

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Police Week

Police WeekST. JOHNSBURY- May is National Police Memorial month, it is a month dedicated to Police Officers who made sacrifices in the line of duty.

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An Epidemic Spreading like Wildfire

opioidNORTHEAST KINGDOM - There is no denying that the opioid epidemic is an issue across the nation. Though the problem may be very present in the street, it has been deeply rooted within the medical field. Medical professionals treating chronically ill patients have the obligation to prescribe but monitor doses of narcotic pain medication in a way that does not result in addiction. According to Stefanie Sigmund, APRN, there is a lot that goes into treating a patient's pain.

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Efforts to Revitalize Saint Johnsbury

stj revitSAINT JOHNSBURY -  Over the past several years, there has been an effort to revitalize the town of Saint Johnsbury. The goal is to bring more people to the area, both residents and visitors. A way to do this has been to add to the number of businesses in town. Longtime residents like Gary Ely have seen Saint Johnsbury lose many businesses over the years. Due to this, many have been put out of jobs and left the area.

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Barnet Bridge Proposal

barnet trucksBARNET - The town of Barnet’s Fire and Rescue Department has begun the process to get themselves a new forest fire truck. This was brought to the attention of the Barnet Select Board monday night, as the department is hoping to replace their old truck as soon as possible.

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Two Running for CCSU Board Chair

ccsu vote BARNET- Two Barnet residents are running for one open seat on the Caledonia Cooperative Supervisory Board vote that is on May 7t

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How the NEK Tackles Spring Sports

spring sportsAROUND THE NEK – Unfortunately, the weather is not something that can be controlled. This takes a toll on spring sports in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Northernmost areas like the Northeast Kingdom are bound to face a spring sports season that begins indoors.

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The Barnet Library Brings Back An Old Tradition

Ukrainian Egg Decorating

 BARNET- An old tradition makes it's return to the Barnet Library after being gone for the past few years.


Ukrainian egg decorating made it's return Wednesday night  after Special Projects Director of the library, Rebecca Boardman reintroduced it to the community.

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Burglar Unable To Steal From Church

church burglarAROUND THE NEK - The United Baptist Church in Waterford was broken into on the morning of Saturday, April 13th. Seccurity cameras show an individual breaking a glass window on the backside of the building with a long pole. After gaining entry into the building the burglar attempted to gain access to the main offices.

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Groton Free Public Library Prom Dresses

grotonGROTON - Prior to landing her new position as librarian of the Groton Free Public Library in the fall of 2018, Jodi Fleurie-Wohlleb was a chicken farmer with her family in New Hampshire. Along with a bright smile and inclusive attitude, Fleurie-Wohlleb has brought with her a new goal and an old tradition to the Groton Free Public Library.


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15 Years and Still No Maura

scene of the crime North Haverhill, NH- Potential leads in finding 21 year old Maura Murray fell flat during a forensic excavation on Wednesday. Over the 15 years Fred Murray, Maura's father, has been trying to get into a house on route 112 just across from where Maura went missing in 2004.

Fenton Chester Arena Closed Due To Damage

  Fenton Arena LYNDON - The Fenton Chester Arena in Lyndon Vermont experienced some extensive damage on friday due to snow build up.

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Snow in Spring, Go Figure

vtrans plowAROUND THE NEK - Friday, March 22nd marked a gigantic winter storm that sweeped the northeast kingdom in just over a foot of snow. Rates of snowfall were recorded at their peak to have fallen at three inches an hour in the early afternoon, and even more frightening were the reports of cars, trucks, and semi(s) that went off the roads or flipped themselves. The Vermont Transportation Agency as well as local road crews were busy all hours of the day and night clearing the snow and ice and attempting to make roads passable for residents, however almost nothing could make the roads completely safe for travel.

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Barnet School Conducts Survey on Gonyaw

Barnet school teacher pollBARNET- The Barnet School's teachers recently did a poll on principal Shawn Gonyaw's performance. This past fall, many parents and community members were concerned about the way Gonyaw has controlled bullying and now things have turned around for the better.

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A Preview on the Return of Mud Season

mudseasonLYNDONVILLE- With the spike in temperature today and rain with temperatures expected in the fifties for tomorrow, some of the monstrous snow piles have begun to dwindle, and will continue to do so tomorrow. While most people are loving the spring like feel, to some people this time of year is the worst.

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Chronic Pain Managment And Needles

NORTHEAST KINGDOM -There are many ways for people with chronic pain to help combat some of their symptoms. Some methods of therapy can even take away differents forms of muscular pain and discomfort.

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Rabbit Hill Inn History

rabbit hillLOWER WATERFORD- The Rabbit Hill Inn was constructed in 1795 and was a regular destination for people hauling goods from Boston to Maine. Owners of the Inn for over twenty five years, Brian Mulcahy and his wife Leslie are uncertain of what the future has in store for the estate.

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