Hemp in the Northeast Kingdom

HempfestEAST BURKE- Since 2013 the hemp industry in Vermont has been growing like a weed. More and more farmers are starting to get into the business, especially here in the Northeast Kingdom.

According to a 2018 report from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Caledonia and Orleans counties have some of the most acreage for hemp growing across the state. The agencies preliminary numbers for 2019 continue to trend upwards. 


Kathy Bloom, communications director from Heady Vermont attributes the reason to the booming CBD industry. “So many people are taking CBD for their health problems now. So many people see the value in industrial hemp and what product the plant can create, and it’s an exciting kind of wild west, very beginning of the story moment for a lot of people.” 


Hemp is a very versatile plant, not only just producing CBD, it can also be used in concrete, to make clothing and plastics amongst other things. In 2017 Vermont was the tenth largest producer of hemp nation wide according to hemp industry daily.