Springing into the Farming Season

Tunnel FarmingAROUND THE NEK- As mother nature changes on a daily basis some might wonder how the weather is affecting some spring time activities. For instance, the challenges local farmers face when it comes to getting the growing season started.

For some small farms March is the month they start to plant seeds. Some use greenhouses or tunnels, which are like greenhouses but are more round and covered in plastic. Others have a different approach. 


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Small Team Takes Huge Lead Headed to States

StJBasketballSAINT JOHNSBURY-The girls’ varsity basketball team is set to make a run in this year's state tournament, after posting an 18-2 regular season record and earning the number one overall seed in the upcoming state tournament, which took place on March 10th. Of course, great records and state championships are nothing new for The Academy’s Hilltoppers. This year however the team overcame what looked like insurmountable odds all stemming from a lack of bodies. Only eight girls made up their roster.

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Contested Race Connects the Community

Barnet Town MeetingBARNET - While most town's battled it out over budgets during town meeting day, a battle of its own drew in an unusually large crowd to Barnet's town meeting. Former long time select board member, Ted Faris's campaign for re-election against current selectboard member Dylan Ford brought in members from all sides of the community.


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Littleton and Lyndon Face School Budget Changes

ClassroomAROUND THE NEK - Town related issues are not the only focus in up coming meetings on Town Meeting Day. Two towns in Vermont and New Hampshire are facing changes within their education department. Lyndon and Littleton, are both looking at changes in their school budget.

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Locals Face Potential Roof Damage

Ice DamsAROUND THE NEK- After last weeks snow storms, people are facing bigger problems than just cleaning up all of the snow. With nearly twenty inches of snow accumulated this past week, local residents could potentially face damages to their roofs.

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St. Johnsbury Poetry

anthST. JOHNSBURY- The storytelling group, the Northeast Storytellers, doesn't just choose flowers and chocolates for their lovers. Instead, they choose special readings, with this years theme being love from the Victorian era.

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Lyndon Youth Basketball

lyndon youth bballLYNDON- Some young lucky athletes have been receiving coaching help from top notch high school basketball players.
For the past seven years, Lyndon Institute has sent students down to help assist at games and practices and has found that it works well.

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Aunt Sadies Candles

16652609 10212301638844477 291369513 nLUNENBURG- Even though Aunt Sadie has passed her name is still glowing thanks to a local candle company. Aunt Sadies Candlestix in Lunenburg Vermont is one of the only handmade candle shops left.

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Syrian Refugee Breakfast

The town of Barnet Presbyterian church hosted their annual Super Bowl lunch on Sunday, but the focus was on a bigger issue then just the game. The church dedicated its efforts to helping Syrian refugees, in addition to having a potluck of soup and accepting cash donations.

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Guatemala Project

churchLYNDONVILLE- The Lyndonville United Methodist Church is hosting a Guatemala project that is seeking new or gently used items for children living at an orphanage.

The project is run by Dan Thompson who says "We collect basically any item that a child from six months old to eighteen years old can use."

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Ice Skating Rink in Peacham

Ice RinkPEACHAM - Students at The Peacham School are very excited for recess this time of year since a popular tradition is now up and running. The school has transformed the outdoor basketball court into a fully functioning ice skating rink.

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Creative Education

arteducationAROUND THE NEK - Education from the earliest of enrollment ages is pivotal in helping to shape a person's development.  It's more than just the basic reading, writing and math skills however.

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Becoming A Correctional Officer

correctionallAROUND THE NEK- Ordinary people are being trained to be correctional officers in your own back yard. 

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Holiday Service Around the NEK

Holiday storyAROUND THE NEK - The holidays for some means a time of serving the community.

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Driving Under The Influence

Vermont RoadsNortheast Kingdom: Driving is one of Americas finest transportations and biggest luxuries. a whole. However the people of Vermont have to be more careful and cautious. Driving under the influence is a big problem that the United States faces.

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Vermont Republicans Differ from the Rest


With the recent election of President Elect Trump, the view of some Republicans has been skewed. Vermont Republicans however are almost a different species compared to others around the country. 

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It's Christmas Tree Season

Christmas TreesAROUND THE NEK - Christmas is on its way and many of you may be struggling to find that perfect tree. But in order to create the perfect tree, it can take up to 10 years or even longer before it’s ready to take home.


A process that a local tree farm, High Reach Farm, uses is called "stump culture."

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'Tis the Season for Giving

Faith in ActionAROUND THE NEK - 'Tis the season for giving, and the non-profit organization Faith in Action, knows how to do just that.


Faith in Action works to help communities around the Northeast Kingdom take care of their own, and has been doing this for 12 years. One of the biggest services they do for these communities is donate food.


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Clearing the Air

nativeenergyOne Vermont business is doing its part to help reduce the methane emissions from dairy farmers in Vermont.


Dairy farms tend to have a large carbon footprint from the manure from the various animals, but mainly from cows.

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Hospice: Not Giving Up

hospice1For many people discussing end of life care is less than glamourous. 

For those people who have less than a year to live, it's about being comfortable in those final months, weeks, days, and hour, that's when some choose to go into hospice care.

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Just Your Average Vermont Winter

vermontwinterAROUND THE NEK - We are only five days into December and mother nature greeted us with a friendly white reminder of what the winter season means. Conditions were slick from the get go this morning, as most Northeast Kingdom commuters met the harsh Vermont winter head on. 

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Holiday Spirit for the Troops

vtsupportsST. JOHNSBURY - Locals are giving early this year, to those of us who are far from home. The Elks Club in Saint Johnsbury was home base for the annual VT Supports event this past Saturday. People from all over the NEK came together to send out care packages to our troops overseas.

NEK Crime Stoppers

crimestopperssAROUND THE NEK- Residents of the Northeast Kingdom do their part to help keep their home safe by calling Crime Stoppers in St. Johnsbury, an anonymous tip line for local crime.

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Barnet Hydroelectric Settlement

BARNET- Despite Vermont’s decision to pull their bid from a potential buyout of TransCanada dams in the NEK, the Town of Barnet still seems to be getting the best deal regardless. 


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Berlack's Honorary Building

berlackBurke- After years of planning The Ronnie Berlack Center at Burke Mountain Academy is finally near completion.  In previous years students at Burke Mountain Academy have used an outdoor gym and needed an upgrade according to Darrell Gray of the academy.


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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

Snow Storm Outages

We talked with Lyndonville Electric about the power outages in the area.


Flu Shots

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Lyndonville Apartments to be Demolished

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