New Office Space in Barnet

Barnet new officeBARNET- Barnet Select board held a public meeting in Mcindoes Falls Academy last night, the building committee got together and talked about the new changes of this building, it seems Barnet town will have a new office space soon.

Mcindoes Falls Academy began to have students in 1853, sine it closing, the town of Barnet has tried their best to keep the history of this building, and now is proposing an addition that would allow the structure to serve as a multiple purpose facility.

Laurajean Stewart, the member of building committee, told us that the most important part is to protect the history:” I think it is important for everyone, whatever culture, whatever they live, whatever they come from, to recognize, appreciate, and honor the history and the past.”

The building was talked about to renovation, kind of elevator installation and office area divide. After the renovation, the building would host a number of organizations, including the town’s historic society, post office, municipal office, library and museum. But of course along with these changes comes price, and that is a factor concerning residents.

“we have fiscal responsibility to every member of the community, and we ourselves are taxpayers too, so we are not about to do something extravagant that hurst us or our neighbors.” Says Laurajean.

But to those on the building committee, this project is much more than a new office space, this is providing a connection between the past and the present.

“this building is an amazing building, that was built in a time that also tells a story what Vermont, what Barnet was like, at the first time that settlers came, and how this culture here now grew.” Says Laurajean.

And now the building committee will now take the publics’ comments into consideration, and after that they will revisit their plans after the new year.

New Office Space in Barnet from NewsLINC on Vimeo.