RCT thumbnailLYNDON - The two shuttle bus companies, known as Rural Community Transportation and Green Mountain Transit are both developing new plans for their businesses to more efficiently serve their communities. It is not a coincidence that both companies are developing plans at the same time, both companies have a history of collaboration with one another in order to best serve their joined areas.


RCT serves the greater Caledonia county whereas Green Mountain Transit is mostly in the Chittenden county area. However both companies have one key trait in common, both companies rely on the U.S. Two Commuter Transit for services stretching from Montpelier to St. Johnsbury. Because of this fact, both companies had to properly plan with one another so they could both continue to work together. Mary Grant, the Executive Director of RCT, had a few things to say regarding their cooperation with GMT during their planning process. "We are going to get what we want one way or another, but Green Mountain Transit is very accommodating, very open, and they work extremely well to try to make it work with us."

GMT and RCT have been working toward common goals for years now, and they don't seem to be planning to end their cooperation with one another for a very long time. "We work together to meet performance standards set forth by the state," Grant said, "On the demand response if one us either runs out of vehicles or a bus breaks down, then we can work together to help each other out and still get the people riding the transit to where they need to go."

Members from Green Mountain Transit also say that they enjoy working alongside RCT, and that they were more than happy to work with them while creating their "Next Generation" plan for their transit system. David Armstrong, the planning manager for GMT said that although plans for the U.S. Route 2 Commuter were restricted by funding, they still plan to make changes with RCT to ensure better timing with those who ride the transit. "Changes to the US2 Commuter are certainly on the table with this Plan. Altering trip times to better suit need is certainly something that we can do in the short-term. Our long-term Transit Development Plan will identify new routes and trips for future expansion, while the NextGen Plan is more focused on fixing what we're currently operating within our existing budget restrictions."