Kingdom All-Stars Preperation

Kingdom-All-Stars-bass-drum-vpr-noyes-20170205St. JOHNSBURY - The Kingdom All-Stars are hard at work preparing for their big concert coming up on New Years Eve.

This year the kids get to experience preforming on a big stage as they will be at Fuller Hall on St. Johnsbury Academy's campus. Also, this group keeps expanding each year as they have now added a musician from Barnet and Danville.

"I'm pretty excited, I remember doing it last year but we didn't get Fuller Hall so I'm excited to play in Fuller Hall." Said Barnet Kingdom All-Star Aden Marcotte.

This means more to the kids than just hanging out with friends and playing music. These kids take this very seriously but have fun with it at the same time. " I think part of it is it's not your traditional group of kids playing music you got this really great community where you have a bunch of kids who really want to be here, it's not like your average school band where it's not for credit or why they're doing it. It's just because they want to be here." Said Drummer of the Kingdom All-Stars Leo Parlo.

At the end of the day these young musicians are living the life by being able to preform in front of big crowds and live in the moment. The New Years Eve concert will take place at 5PM on New Years Eve at Fuller Hall.