Rodriguez Back in Court

juan rodriguez mug finalST. JOHNSBURY - Juan Rodriguez appeared in the St. Johnsbury Caledonia Courthouse today for allegedly shooting Rafael Rodriguez on July 15th. 

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State Energy Project

state energy project jpgST. JOHNSBURY- The state Building renewable Energy Project kicked off last week behind the Northeast Regional Corrections Facility, in St. Johnsbury.

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Fitness With A Twist

spinning classST. JOHNSBURY - Spinning is a cardiovascular exercise where you are on a stationary bike for about an hour. Bonnie Bashaw-Cole has been teaching the heart racing exercise for fourteen years.

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The Two Fifty Club

st. j artifactsST. JOHNSBURY - (The Two Fifty Club) Peggy Pearl has been collecting donations since last summer so that the St. Johnsbury History and Heritage Center's artifacts can be displayed at a new location.

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St.J Budget Update

St.J UpdateST.JOHNSBURY- In preparation to produce a third and possible final budget, the St.Johnsbury school board has made more cuts in hopes that this round, the budget will pass. The budget cuts were discussed at the school board meeting last night.

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Cinco De Meow

Cinco_de_Meow.jpgST. JOHNSBURY- Cinco De Meow was a fundraiser this past weekend aimed to help raise money for our feline friends. The day was not just for the cats, but also for humans as well. The day included music and a lot of fun.

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Race Kicks Off For Caledonia Sheriff

RaceForSheriffST. JOHNSBURY - Two candidates have announced their intent to run for Caledonia County SheriffDaniele Kostruba, currently working as a detective in the Special Investigations Unit, will take on incumbent Dean Shatney, who has served as the Caledonia County Sheriff for three years.

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Going Green Wins Awards

environmental awardsST. JOHNSBURY-Local car dealerships are doing their part in going green, St. Johnsbury and Lamoille Valley Ford in Hardwick are being recognized for their efforts of going green. They are receiving the 2014 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence.

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St.J Waste and Water Plant due for Upgrade

Waste and waterST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury’s water and waste sewage treatment plants are overdue for repairs. The plants were built in 1990 and each facility had a life expectancy for 20 years.

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Catamount Arts Open Exhibit About the Fairbanks

CatamountSt. JOHNSBURY- Catamount Arts will be showing an exhibit now until the end of the summer about the Fairbanks scale. The exhibit took many months to coordinate and many people have said it feels like you're time traveling.

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Officials: Weekend Fire Not Suspicious

MountPleasantStFireST. JOHNSBURY - Fire investigators say a weekend fire that damaged a home on Mt. Pleasant street was caused by an electrical problem and is not suspicious. The home suffered nearly $200,000 in damage.

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The Perks of Together Works

open mic nightST. JOHNSBURY- Guitar, drums, homemade basses, fiddle, and cello are just some of the instruments at the weekly open mic night in St. Johnsbury.

Every week the organization "Together Works" holds an open mic night from 7pm - 9pm at Catamount Arts.

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Budget Back Up for Vote

VOTE OR DIEST. JOHNSBURY- Voters will be heading to the polls all day today to vote on the revised $15.2 million school budget.


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St.J Ensuring Safer Roads

checkpointST.JOHNSBURY- Between the dates April 21st through April 27th, the St.Johnsbury Police Department (assisted by other law enforcement agencies) will be conducting sobriety and vehicle safety checkpoints. These checkpoints use high visibility enforcement to remind drivers the importance of safe driving.

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Board, Parents Have Fingers Crossed For Revote

StJRevoteST. JOHNSBURY - Could round two be the final fight in the push for an approved school budget? Many parents, students, teachers and school board members at the St. Johnsbury School hope so.

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St. Johnsbury Easter Egg Hunt

Easter_Egg_Hunt.jpgSAINT JOHNSBURY- The 18th Annual Vermont Broadcast Associates Easter Egg Hunt was held on Saturday. It was a memorable day for children in the community.

 The Easter egg hunt is not time just for families to be together, but they get to be with each other and friends in their communities.

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Water Turned Off

water main breakSt. Johnsbury - Despite the recent flooding throughout the Northeast Kingdom, people in St. Johnsbury recently had their water shut off.The town is currently in their second year of the ACSO Elimination Project, which deals withe the sewage overflow.

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Rollickers Bike and Boards

rollickers updateST. JOHNSBURY - Rollickers Bike and Boards in St. Johnsbury is now open. Although they have yet to have a "grand opening," they are fully operational.

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St.J Preparing Water and Sewer Budget

St.J Water and sewerST.JOHNSBURY- The town of St. Johnsbury is working to release the new water and sewer budget as soon as possible. At last night’s select board meeting, the assistant town manager, David Ormiston said, they have finally honed in on the expenses for this year.

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Prue Murder Trails Moved out of Caledonia County

Prue TrailsST.JOHNSBURY- Superior Court Judge, Robert Bent, has approved the request to move the trails of Patricia and Allen Prue out of the county. The Prue’s are accused of the murder of St.Johnsbury teacher, Melissa Jenkins.

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Man Charged with Murder of Mary Pat O'Hagan

Norrie ArraignedST.JOHNSBURY- Micheal Norrie, the man accused of shooting Sheffield Grandmother Mary Pat O”Hagan, was in court last week. Norrie is now being charged with the murder nearly three years later.

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St. Johnsbury Spring Concert

JOHNSBURY MUSIC FESTIVITIESST. JOHNSBURY- The St. Johnsbury School hosted the Fifth Annual Spring Concert last night. 

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Tucker's Case Dismissed

tucker hearingST. JOHNSBURY- "I am dismissing the case, I do not think there is enough evidence." Judge Robert Bent said at the hearing against Martha Tucker the Superintendent of Caledonia North Supervisory Union.

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St. J Struggles to Revise School Budget

St. Johnsbury School BudgetST.JOHNSBURY- St.Johnsbury school board is having trouble making revisions to their previous failed budget. Due to numerous school budget failures across Vermont, the state tax increase has been lowered from seven cents, to four cents. The tax decrease will automatically lower St.Johnsbury's budget that is currently being revised.

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Drug Abuse, Kennametal Discussed At Legislative Breakfast

NEKLegislativeBreakfastST. JOHNSBURY - Political leaders from around the Kingdom discussed the decrease of jobs, and the increase of drug addiction, at a breakfast this morning. Legislators met at the St. Johnsbury House on Main Street.

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