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taproomST. JOHNSBURY— It is important for businesses to create relationships with their customers in the business world, but it’s also crucial to have good rapport between businesses. The Vermont Business for Social Responsibility (VBSR) held an event in St. Johnsbury to help with networking. Jane Campbell is the Executive Director for the VBSR, and discussed how the event was set up to help connect like-minded business leaders.

“It’s an opportunity for businesses to network with each other, and our goal is for them to come away with a new contact, new information, new idea, new resource.”


VBSR contains over seven hundred members and is one of the largest business associations in the state. At last night’s event, nearly one hundred people came to discuss ideas for social responsibility.

They are focused on taking care of three major categories: finances, environment, and community. “It comes down to people, planet, profit.”

The goal for the meeting is to get people to say, “Oh wait, we can do that in our business.”

Communication and Membership Manager Russ Eliek tries to move events like this around the state because they want all regions to get to participate in the action. “Every year we take a look at our calendar and say, where do we need to be?” Eliek continued to say they feel as if they are welcomed with open arms every time they come to the Northeast Kingdom.

VBSR wraps up the 2016 year with a legislative breakfast free for members and legislators, but $10 for non-members in Burlington on December 15.


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