Arraignment in O'Hagan Case

OHagan ChargesSHEFFIELD-  Friday three men were charged with first degree murder and kidnapping of the seventy- eight year old woman, Mary Pat O'Hagan. Yesterday two of the men were arraigned, Keith Baird and Richard Fletcher, both plead not guilty to first degree murder, kidnapping, and robbery.

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Three Charged With O'Hagan Murder

ohaganSHEFFIELD – A huge development in the murder of Mary Pat O'Hagan. O'Hagan was the 78-year-old Sheffield resident who was reported missing back in 2010. Her body was found in Wheelock nearly four weeks later.

Charged with her murder are Michael Norrie, 23, and his cousins, Richard Fletcher, 27, and Kevin Baird, 33. Fletcher and Baird are also brothers.

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Sheffield Town Clerk Retiring

sheffield town clerkSHEFFIELD- While Town Meeting Day may be a step towards a new beginning for some, this year's Town Meeting Day means the end for one. After 30 years of working in the town office of Sheffield, Town Clerk, Kathy Newland, is retiring.

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O'Hagan Playground

ohaganSHEFFIELD - The Miller’s Run Middle School has dedicated a new playground in memory of the late Mary Pat O’Hagan. Students and Community members gathered at the Sheffield middle school in late November to honor her memory.

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Off the Grid

AlexSHEFFIELD- Deep in Sheffield, far off the beaten path you will find Scott Salmonsen working on his new home. But this house is far from conventional. His 14 by 14-two story cabin is completely self sustainable.


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Granting Friendly Fire

sheffieldfiretruckSHEFFIELD - The Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Department has received some assistance for payment on an upgraded firetruck. The United States Department of Agriculture has awarded a $20,000 grant for the refurbished tanker, a much-needed improvement over the station's current aging truck.

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Miller's Run Budget Concerns Continue

wheelock budgetWHEELOCK - Unified School District #37 services the towns of Wheelock and Sheffield and includes the Miller's Run School. On Town Meeting Day, both towns rejected the district's budget for the coming year, leaving UD #37 in quite the predicament.

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Wind Bill Altered, But Opinions Aren't

win billSHEFFIELD - As the legislation regarding wind farms works its way through the House and Senate, more changes are made to the bill.  The third reading of the bill is set for today in the Senate.  Those against the bill aren't thrilled with the changes.

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Town Clerk Says Goodbye

sheffieldtownmeetingSHEFFIELD - Every year residents of Sheffield are busy preparing to vote on Town Meeting Day.

This year, one town official is making preparation of her own, preparations to say goodbye.

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No Answers on Sheffield Post Office Hours

iteam post officeSHEFFIELD - Representatives from the United States Postal Service held a public meeting on the fate of the Post Office on Main Street a few weeks ago and since then, residents have not received any answers on why they're cutting the hours.

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A Visit to the Sheffield Wind Farm

sheffield wind farm pic SHEFFIELD - The Sheffield wind farm hosted school children from around the area to get an up close view of the 16 turbines and how they operate.

After heavy debate the Sheffield Wind Farm broke ground during the summer of last year and has been in service for just over 6 months.

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School Testing New Math Program

NEK School ClassroomSHEFFIELD - One third grade class at the Miller's Run School is a pioneer in a new learning technique that helps students with math.

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Sheffield Teacher Recognized for Accomplishments

Patrick HammSHEFFIELD - One teacher has received a heritage award and has been named the teacher of the year by the Vermont Folk Life Center.

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Chandler Pond Farm Drips into Maple Weekend

maplesugarWHEELOCK- Maple sugaring season is now on tap and Chandler Pond Farm opened up to the public for their annual sugaring open house over the weekend. Dahlia Dill co-owner of Chandler Pond says the event is a real community gathering. "People from the community near and far just come and see how syrup is made and hangout with their neighbors."

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Wheelock Dog Licenses Due April 1

Dog LicensingWheelock- Do you own a dog and live in Wheelock? Is your dog over six months old? Dog licenses are due by Monday April first in the Town of Wheelock. All residents with a dog who is over six months old must license their dog. Besides being required by state law, the biggest push behind this registration is to prevent the spread of rabies.

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Wheelock Town Hall Upgrades

wheelock town hall

WHEELOCK - Lyndon Institute students have been helping with construction at the Wheelock Town Hall in.

In January, LI students began coming every Thursday morning for their wood-shop class to help with renovations. The students come for about an hour every Tuesday morning. One of their big projects was to paint the entire ceiling of the main level. They have started to paint the walls of the main level as well. Downstairs by the town clerks office they have repurposed a closet, which will now be used to help organize votes on town meeting day. They have also refurbished the boiler downstairs. The next project they would like to complete, is to sand and polish the wooden floors of the main level.

Even though these students only show up for an hours worth of work each week, this particular hour has made a significant difference in the structure of the building. The students are dedicated to reconstructing the town hall and the town clerk is taking notice.

"They are building closets for us, so we can properly store our materials. They have hung legal fire extinguishers in the right places, at the right height to code. They have done repairs to the damages to our ceiling and woodwork, that were caused when we had some temporary shoring put in to hold the roof up," said Wheelock Town Clerk, Carol Rossi.

Lyndon Institute does not plan on continuing any renovations come Summer break, but coming back sometime in the future has not been ruled out yet.


Cows are Starting to Move into the Barns

chandlerfarmcowsWHEELOCK- The foliage has sprung, the temperature is starting to drop and the cows are heading to the barn, at least they are at the Chandler Pond Farm in Wheelock Farm owner Chuck Dill is starting to prepare his farm for the winter season.

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A Slow Start For Farming

onionsWHEELOCK - A sigh of relief can be heard among Vermonters as temperatures finally begin to resemble Spring. For many, Winter's prolonged presences has been an annoyance. And for those that depend on a successful transition of seasons for business, it has impacted their scheduling tremendously.

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Wheelock Eyes Changes in Road Maintenance

WHEELOCK- One of the more heated topics on the agenda for the town of Wheelock was the direction in which they should go for the maintenance of roads in their town.

Article four, in the original town report, stated that the selectboard members would take the necessary steps to sub out work to an independant contractor for taking care of the roads, but that's where the voters stated their differences.

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Wheelock Construction Proposal Faced Challenge

WHEELOCKWHEELOCK – The Wheelock town hall project hearing was held in its town hall’s meeting room on Tuesday night. The proposal’s goal is get $714,440 grant for fixing broken to save the building, which including construct handicaps accessible and municipal room for the community town hall. However, the process of the meeting did not go well as planned. Two residents came to argue against.

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Making Wheelock More Accessible

Wheelock Grant ThumbnailWHEELOCK- Wheelock's Town Hall has been lacking something for a long time. There is no handicapped accessibility to the building, which poses a big problem.It's something that they've known is a problem for a while, and are now taking action to change it. They were awarded a Vermont Community Development Block grant in 2015, and now have a proposal to fix the problem.

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Spill in Wheelock

wheelock oilWheelock- Last night at around approximately five o'clock the Wheelock Fire Department was called to contain an oil spill. The spill was located on the Wheelock Bridge on Route one twenty two. Residents said they noticed a strange odor in the area.

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Christmas Tree Shortage

TreeShortageWHEELOCK- Friday marks December 1st, which signifies the time that families in the Northeast Kingdom start to shop around for conifers and balsam trees to fill their homes for the Christmas season. But, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, there may not be as big of a selection when you go to purchase a tree.


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Wheelock Looks for Grants

WHEELOCK - Thirteenth time is a charm according to Wheelock town officials. Both the town hall and the garage are in need of immediate renovations.


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Wheelock Town Hall

wheelock townie hallWHEELOCK- Standing for 144 years, the Wheelock town hall is in need of almost $200,000 worth of repairs. Officials are now searching for grants to repair the building on a strict budget.

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What's Coming Up At 5:30

What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30


Flood Warning and what to expect for rainfall.

With heavy rainfall and a major storm on the way, find out what you should be doing to stay safe, and stay prepared with the incliment weather on the way.

Final Set of EB-5 Documents Released.

The nearly 300,000 pages of records make up this final release from the Department of Financial Regulation, and mark the end of documentation for the 2014 investigation.

A New Company is Moving Into the St. Johnsbury/Lyndon Industrial Park.

A new excavation company will be moving into a NVDA subdivided lot in the coming months... the Lyndon Developmental Review Board approved the subdivision earlier this week.