LI Golf Alumni Gives Back

GolfST. JOHNSBURY - The golfing season has finally arrived for the Lyndon Institute (LI) Vikings. With the help from an alumni, they have been working hard practicing for their first match.

A year after graduating from LI in 1989, Jason Prendergast found his passion for golfing.
“In 1990 is actually when I picked up a golf club for the first time. My wife's father was the one who introduced me to golf, right here at the St. Johnsbury Country Club."
At the age of 26, Prendergast went on to further his education at Mississippi State University, where he attended a golf management program with Professional Golf Association (PGA).  Now he is the head Golf Professional at Jackson Country Club in Jackson, Mississippi.
Prendergast wanted to give back to his alma mater and help students pursue their passion for golf. While his original idea was to set up a scholarship fund for a student that loved golf as much as he does.  LI Athletic Director, Paul Wheeler, decided that it would be better if he came back to help teach the students and give them tips and tricks about golfing.  So once a year, Prendergast makes the trip back to Vermont to give back to his hometown high school. 

"Golf has been really good to me, I love teaching the game, I want to try and help the kids have something to shoot for," said Prendergast.
Over the weekend, Prendergast came back just in time before LI's first match against St. Johnsbury and Lake Region.
“We started Friday for a three-day golf school.  We are trying to prepare for the season because our first match is Monday, so we are trying to get set up for that”, said LI golf student Cayden Lewis.

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