A Better Eye on the Sky

Eye on the SkyST JOHNSBURY - Although their sound may have stayed the same, the view for the Meteorologist at the Fairbanks Weather Center has changed dramatically.

The Eye on the Sky Weather Center has moved from its long time home in the basement of the Fairbanks Museum, to a different building next door, with a lot more light.



“We were trying to keep our eyes on the sky so to speak but it was rather difficult when we were in the basement,” jokes Meteorologist Lawrence Hayes.

In September, the center made a long anticipated move to a new location in the Maguire Center, which has no shortage of windows and is equipped with some new technology.

The team can now record their radio broadcasts in a new soundproof recording booth that is equipped with a new mixing board. The new location is also allowing for more interaction between the weather center and other staff members that have been separated by space since the beginning of the move.

Even with the new location and technology, the Eye on the Sky hasn’t really changed.

“For the most part, things are pretty similar. In fact, all of our old desks came over here. All of our old computers that we had over there, came over here, so those are the same as before.”

Listeners can hear the Eye on the Sky Forecast on Vermont Public Radio, Magic 9.77, and other stations across the state.


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