New Tradition Lights Up the New Year

lanternST. JOHNSBURY - A tradition that normally happens on Christmas Eve, will now light up the streets of St. Johnsbury on First Night on New Years Eve.

This year St. Johnsbury will have extra lights on the streets during their First Night festivities. The community is encouraged to take part in workshops and make paper lanterns for the event.

It started when the Director of First Night Programs, Jay Sprout, contacted Catamount Arts' Learning Director, Anne Campbell, about creating making lanterns for the event.

"It would be great if we could get more light on the downtown streets during First Night. Especially when you are walking down towards the school, some of the side streets aren't well lit," said Campbell.

In order to make enough lanterns to illuminate the streets, Campbell has teamed up with Kate Renner to teach the community how to make these beautiful lanterns.

After the lanterns are finished, students can keep a few of the ones that they really like. The rest will all be placed by volunteers the day of First Night festivities.

Campbell says, "We need volunteers to help us put them out, we always need a lot of volunteers for First Night. No matter what. We usually use about 100 to 150 volunteers and check badges and make announcements and high like that."

The next workshops for are December 3rd at Catamount Arts, December 8th and 10th Cobleigh Library, and December 12th at the Athenaeum.

P-LUMINARIN EVENT.transfer from NewsLINC on Vimeo.

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