An Upgrade 15 Years Coming

crazyST. JOHNSBURY - There is work being done in downtown St. Johnsbury. The Railroad Street enhancement is getting underway. Developers took 15 years to make sure the project is flawless. With all this construction, the towns parking meters are being replaced. with the town removing meters. The town decided that parking would become free from December 1st to January 1st as a way of spreading holiday cheer to the town. Some parking meters that have been taken out will not be reinstalled at the start of next year.
With all hoopla going on, the town is very excited for the new additions. Darcie McCann works for the NEK Chamber of Commerce and is happy with how the changes turned out.
"I think when we have construction, whether it's in St. Johnsbury, Danville or Newport - wherever it is in the Northeast Kingdom - and it's affecting our downtown, we have to support them a lot more. This is a really good improvement to downtown, there's new sidewalks, there is new lights, there is new aesthetics, it's gonna look nice."
Some aspects of the construction include new curbing and sidewalks, lighting signage, water and sewer improvements, relocation of hydrants, line striping and landscaping.

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