Tis the Season for Basketball Season

BasketballSAINT JOHNSBURY - Winter sports are right around the corner in the Northeast Kingdom. Tryouts are commencing around the area for both boys and girls basketball teams, and tryouts for both Saint Johnsbury Academy teams started Monday. 

Over 50 boys showed up for Monday's tryouts; 35 of which will make it on a roster spot, while the other 15 will be cut. There are three levels that players will tryout for, which are Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman, ranked highest to lowest. A typical basketball roster boasts twelve to fifteen players per team.

Players are judged on the fundamentals of the game, which includes dribbling, shooting, defending, play calling, picks, roles, ball movement and teamwork. During the tryout process, coaches only have a few days to choose the players they see fit for the team. Being a coach is never an easy task, especially when they are forced to cut players. Last year, St. Johnsbury Academy only had one senior on the team graduate, which means a lot of bodies are returning and fighting to get a spot on the team.

However, even with a more stressful selection process than normal, coaches are looking forward to seeing the potential players try out for the teams. Head coach David McGinn naturally wants his team to be successful, but this year he hopes his team eyes something different. "One of the things I think is a true measure of the team is that, night-in and night-out, they go in, you put your efforts in front of people, and if you leave with their respect. You've pretty much taken care of all the other subcomponents of that."

Teams will be chosen very soon, as the season for both boys and girls teams is about to start, with the boys' first game taking place at home on December 13th against Champlain Valley, and the girls' team away on December 17ths against Burton Academy.

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What's Coming Up Tonight at 5:30

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