Burke Mountain Closing for the Season


Burke Mt ClosingBURKE- Over this past warm and sunny Easter weekend, skiers and riders got their last chance to hit the slopes at Burke Mountain Resort. After a season packed full with powder and beautiful days, Burke has officially closed their ticket windows for skiing and riding. 

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Fat Biking Continues to Grow

Fat bike thumbnailBURKE- Winter biking also known as fat biking has become increasingly popular among mountain bike enthusiast.  The so called “Fat tires” on the bike allow bikers to ride throughout the winter Bruce Giehill explains “A fat bike is similar to a mountain bike, expect for as the name implies the tire is a lot bigger. On a typical mountain bike you're going to run a two/ two and a half inch tire for a fat bike you're going to run a three and a half inch all the way up to a four point eight inch tire. So its something you'd see more on a motorcycle.” 

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Burke Senior Meal Site

Burke Jam SessionBURKE - Burke's Senior Meal Site serves up more than just a bite to eat, like featuring artists to play music for anyone interested.  On Sunday, musicians played for a couple of hours for people to sing along and dance to.

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Steve Olson, Leisure Hotels & Resorts

STEVE OLSON TUMBBURKE - Steve Olson is the CEO of Leisure Hotels and Resorts, the company in charge of the receivership of Burke Mountain and Jay Peak Resorts.

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A Helping Hand this Holiday

HAND TO HANDBURKE- For 27 years now, one local organization has been lending a helping hand to those in need across the Northeast Kingdom.  The Hand to Hand program is a program that brings the joy of the holidays straight to the doors of families in need. The program coordinates and acts as the middle man between sponsors and families in need of Burke, Sheffield, Sutton, East Haven, Newark and Wheelock.

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Burke Listers

interviewBURKE -  The town of Burke has a decision to make come Monday evening. The community will be voting on whether or not to keep their elected listers, or substitute them with a private company. A town’s listers are the people who keep track of the properties in town.


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Get to Know East Burke Firefighters

EAST BURKE FIRE BRIGADEBURKE - Being a firefighter is East Burke means a couple of things; you are dedicated to helping other people and you are a volunteer. Several of the volunteers happen to also be college students in the area.

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Lingering Burke Taxes

JAPPPPBURKE - As today comes to a close, Burke Mountain still has yet to pay their taxes. Burke Mountain owed more than $400,000 dollars in taxes. Originally Burke Mountain owed $30,000 dollars in late fees. However, if the remaining amount was not paid in full by today, an additional $4,000 dollars would and will be added on.

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Burke Mountain Opening Delay

Burke MountainBURKE - Skiers and snowboarders don’t get your hopes up if you were planning to hit Burke Mountain this Thanksgiving, mother nature isn’t quite cooperating.


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Burke Mountain Late Paying Taxes

burkeBURKE - Burke Mountain could be facing more issues - this time paying their property taxes. The town of Burke has not yet heard from Burke Mountain regarding the taxes they owe.

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Burke Water Project

burkewaterBURKE - The town of Burke is making some improvements to its under ground water system.


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Burke Job Fair

burke job fair thumbBURKE - Burke Mountain Resort opened its doors Wednesday night to host for its second job fair.  This time for around 80 potential employees.

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Burke Goes Berserk in Preparations

BurkeBezerkBURKE - After the EB-5 scandal and one of the worst ski seasons to date, Burke Mountain Resort is taking an aggressive approach to make sure that this winter season will be successful.

Last year across the Northeast Kingdom, resorts had a record breaking winter, but not in a good way.

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EB-5 Investors Calling Citibank Settlement Unfair

burkemountainhotelBURKE - According to court documents, foreign investors filed a motion opposing a $13 million settlement reached with Citibank following the EB-5 Fraud at Burke Mountain. 


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Roses for the Fallen

RosesWest Burke - A former marine and Lyndon state college graduate has invented a wonderful gesture of therapy by supplying acts of selflessness to families in need.

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Nothing Like New England Dirt

TATERZMost people think of "Pick Your Own" farms to be for pumpkins, apples or berries, but one farm in West Burke has a different take on it.The J and F farm stand in West Burke has been doing pick your own potatoes, or spuds as the farmers lovingly refer them, for about 40 years.

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New Bike Trail

Bike TrailBURKE - Kingdom Trails is currently focusing on bike safety for trail riders, especially on East Darling Hill Road where cars and bikes are currently sharing a narrow road.

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EB-5 Impact

eb5BURKE - The past few months have featured countless reports from Burke Mountain Resort as hotel delays turned into one of the largest alleged ponzi schemes in the state.

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A Local Student Is Breaking Barriers

A local student has won a national essay award from Scholastic, on her essay about over coming Cerebral Palsy. She was honored in front of her school where Jackie Robinson's daughter gave out the award.

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Burke Layoffs Given New Hope

burke moutainBURKE- Though the recent layoffs at Burke Mountain Resort this past March affected the employment of nearly two hundred people, the chance of those jobs appearing in the future is high.

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Bikers Race in Rasputitsa

raceBURKE- Bikers traveled from 21 states to take the starting line of the Rasputitsa bike race in East Burke this Saturday. Close to 700 bikers came out for the gravel road race.

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Community Weighs in on EB-5 Scandal

burke moutain BURKE- Officials, community members and others began speaking out after the announcement last week that Q Burke Mountain Resorts and Jay Peak Resorts were under Federal investigation regarding the misuse of EB-5 funding and fraud charges towards Q Burke Mountain Resort owner Ariel Quiros and developer William Stenger.

This weekend Burke Mountain Academy, a private ski academy located at the base of Burke Mountain, commented on the controversy.

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EB-5 and Its Impact on Q-Burke

eb-5BURKE- The Federal investigation in Q-Burke regarding the EB-5 program may be leaving some with questions as to what EB-5 actually is. The investor program was initially passed to help with the creation of jobs and the promotion of tourism. The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program is a way for immigrants to become eligible for a green card, which grants them residence in the United States. Though the program was initially created by Congress in 1990, Vermont began using the program in 1997. Foreign investors would have to pledge $500,000 to a commercial enterprise in the United States, as well as plan to create or preseve 10 permanent full-time jobs. After that, they could then apply for the EB-5 Visa. If approved, they were granted a green card for two years. The Q-Burke Ski Resort first became invested in the program four years ago.

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Q-Burke Contractor Files Lien

BurkeMesBURKE- The latest chapter from the Q-Burke saga was written on Wednesday, when the lawyer representing project contractor PeakCM filed a lien against the resort.This move comes after nearly a year of legal battles between PeakCM President Jerry Davis and Q–Burke owners and developers.

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Competition For a Good Cause

Rail JamBURKE- Sports don't always have to be about competitiveness, having one team or person come out victorious over others. Sometimes the sport is just the median for a good cause.

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